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  1. have deinstalled EV for longer ago. Waiting for the next update.
  2. I See more and more treads market with this. iin all These REX say the users have to send a mail to the TIER SUPPORT. is this here a Support forum Ort Not. Can you REX guys Not give the troubles from your buyers to your supportteam. it looks like REX did Not correspond one Person to a other Person. Also i am missing solutions in these Open treads. there are no answers for unseres, how to solve this Open issues...
  3. FyI: On my System i did not see any frame loss.
  4. Hello REX, there is no forum for this test version? so positive: Clouds became a realistic white now. This uggly gray in Automode ist gone. environment is getting to a great bright tone with the new lightnig options in the UI. so negative: why always this haze, why cant REX not disable this 100km limit? this haze makes troubles in night, so always the ground is to bright from this uggly haze. also i think, the cloud sync is not working. all clouds looks like puffy standard. ( i use SF+EF+ASP4 - see pic.) see also in all wheatherconditions this uggly squared clouds, and again when ASP4 make a new wheather, then all clouds disapears, and slowly come back (it took so 5 secounds) so i deinstall this test version again.
  5. Yes, i mean this UI in the sim. its always open when Start the sim.
  6. Hello, its possible to setup Envforce to start with closed UI in P3D4.5 ? i have set up and the program works behind in background, i want to see it when in automode. (Tech update 1.1)
  7. Hello Reed, i have done full deinstall and reinstall of Enforce AND Skyforce, did solve the problem, the Textures are back.
  8. Nothing to das about this? should this so OK?
  9. Hello, this should known by REX. See here, same descroption:
  10. All users wich have Chaseplane in use, please be sure that "Override HDR" and "Balance brightness when changing bloom" in Chaseplane is not active! this options override also REXEnv!
  11. Hello, have installed new Tech Update. at first P3D-Startup after P3D crashed, i get now: "Your validation process failed -1 Please contact Support. -1" In the REX-App all register Datas are correct.
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