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  1. I agree with the big H on this one. Waiting for all these fixes to make it work is just as bad as waiting for the first release.
  2. I don't know about anyone else with ASP4, but I will be removing it right after installing The Force.
  3. My only Question is. With all the new modeling and stuff how is it on frame rates? I know sometimes in FSX it's a killer.
  4. Works like a champ. Now just need the weather engine. I can wait for it. You guys deserve a day off.
  5. All I can say to a lot of you is you sound like a bunch of 10 year old crying babies. Grow up. The guys at REX are doing there best to get it out. They ought to do what ORBX does and give no ETA's and just say, It will be out when it's out, quit asking. I was going to edit but changed my mind. To the forum moderators it had to be said, don't punish me. John
  6. ANSWERED Questions

    Thanks for the update. John
  7. Will I be able to update TD 4 With Soft Cloud through the update program and will it include the new enhancements if I do?
  8. ANSWERED Questions

    The enhancements being made for TD + SC. Will this make it work better with Sky Force, like a square peg in a square hole. Unlike if you are using the other guys weather, a square peg in a round hole. I have read a lot of the reviews for the other guys and it seems that REX textures are not as compatible as they say it is with their software. If this is the case it is going to be good and worth the wait. And it will Sky Force work for both FSX and P3Dv4? I have Ess + OD for FSX and it kind of quit working. But If this is going to work for both, Ess + OD is out and in with the new. One more thing. Sky Force is it real world weather engine also, am I correct? Just trying to get a better idea of things before I do something stupid and get the other guys weather. I already have your weather radar, just waiting for updates, and if this all goes together nicely it will be a lot less money than getting the other guys.

    stated new post.
  10. REX Sky Force 3D

    After looking at some of the other weather software out there and the reviews they got. I will wait. Sky Force looks to beat them hands down.
  11. Leave them alone and let them work! If we keep bothering them it will be December before anything happens. If you have problems with what you have now ask. As for P3Dv4, just shut up and wait. It will come sooner.
  12. I agree with Henrik. If they have to keep answering our questions we are taking them away from their work. Lets let them work so we can get the fixes. This should go for the other topic as well.
  13. I have found out that the weather is not getting put into the Sim. All the textures are there but the weather is not. So I will wait for the fix or Sky Force, what ever is first, and just fly with the weather off using the Sims themes.
  14. All I did was in the config section point it to the v4 install place like any other Sim and ran the texture install. For the weather you chose, in the P3D start up screen, REX weather in the weather options and set it all up like any other Sim. Like I said it "seems" to be working. I am still experimenting with airports and places to see if it did indeed install correctly and the scenery, texture sliders to get the best frame rates. Like I said before I know I am doing this at my own risk and if something happens REX is not at fault. Once the update come out I will feel much better about using it. I'll also wait for the fixes for the rest of the things I have.
  15. I have REX Essentials Plus Overdrive and went ahead and used it on P3Dv4 before I read any of this and it seems to be working. I do have WW airports and soft clouds and am going to wait for the updates on them. As for Essentials Plus Overdrive I'll use it as is at my own risk until you get the update out. I hope I don't have to many problems.