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  1. I just looked and all I can find is, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2017. No 2015. Could that be why it won't work installing it manually in one plane and using the installer in other planes without crashing P3D. John right now it works great using only the installer. I have not tried a manual install.
  2. I had the same thing with all versions of WX. If I manually install WX in any plane it will not work even after using the planes it will work on. I found that if the installer won't install don't install it. If you do it will mess up the whole thing, P3D won't even load. I have V4.4 and WX installed in 3 Planes all working great. I used the installer for them all. I have one plane that I have to manually install the gauge on and every time I do everything goes south. And that was with all versions of v4. I have now removed that plane from P3D altogether. I'm just saying if you have to manually install the gauge instead of using the installer you will have problems. I have tried to explain this in the past but has fell on deaf ears. Tim I did try to explain this to you about when v4.1 came out. John
  3. An update a little more often would be nice. Even if it's just we're getting there. something is better than nothing. I do have Discord ,but that's not saying much either. John
  4. Anything yet as to when this might be figured out?
  5. That's what happened to me if I uninstall the gauge from the plane I still had the CTD. I don't know maybe it is different. these F.R.E.D.'s can do weird things.
  6. This is the same thing that was happening to me. I fixed the problem by just uninstalling the program. I had it loaded on one plane and it worked fine. But if I tried to load any other plane even with the gauge not installed on the plane it crashed. I got no errors in the Event Viewer for any of it. Like I said I removed the App from my machine and all worked great. Just look at my old post. John
  7. So it looks like there is a fix. Any chance Naruto-Kun can PM it to me with the necessary directions. John
  8. I have uninstalled it for now and all planes work. I will wait patiently. John
  9. It seems everyone is having this problem. I uninstalled WX and 4.3 works with all planes. Install it and one plane works very well. But I try loading another plane with or without WX and CTW. I have nothing in the event viewer. It doesn't seem what system you have, it don't work. John
  10. No more CTD, so far. I did a flight with lots of weather and storms. Got lots of returns and never a glitch. I still get that message at start up but it doesn't have any affect on anything. Waiting to see how it works with SkyForce.
  11. Here is the panel cfg. panel.cfg What about the two different version of the weather gauges in the Sim. Here are the screen shots that show the version numbers. In the uninstall programs in the control panel I have one file that will not uninstall. It does give a message saying that the installer package can't be found contact vender. Here is the file. WX Advantage Radar Update 2, version 1.0.2016.0621. I even tried to just delete but it says can't delete a MSI file. This could be what's causing the whole problem. Maybe? John
  12. I had It disabled and it did not work I got the same thing. I enabled it and it works. But I get a message that this in a panel cfg file is bad or corrupted but it still works. In the game I have two versions in the add on section. one for a 3.40 and one for a 3.40.3. also in the uninstall list I have a wxweather update 2 there and it will not let me uninstall it. I went ahead and tried to un install all the old installs and updates and install a fresh install.
  13. Ok, I checked Panel Serialization reinstalled the gauge into the panel cfg and started P3D. It went through and loaded the flight and brought up the gauge and went resize to where I wanted it on the panel and P3D quit and I got this message in the event viewer. Prepar3D.exe 59d67e95 MV_WX.dll 5a27aa0b c0000005 0000000000001d86 760 01d3825e65758d66 C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Gauges\MV_WX.dll 4d83d660-ee52-11e7-85d1-1c872cb5bc22
  14. I downloaded a fresh installer from FSPS with the new updates and all and it installs just great. I go to install the gauge on just one plane and it won't install, I have to manually install it to the panel cfg file, no problem. start P3D and it loads just fine. Then I start a flight with the plane I installed the gauge on and it starts up fine, shift 5 and the gauge comes up and works great. I quit P3D with the gauge saved in the plane open on the panel so next time I load that plane the gauge would already be set where I want it. This is my default flight. I go to start P3D again and I goes to the splash screen then just goes strait to desktop. No errors in the events file or messages. I uninstall the gauge from my plane and P3D works fine. I tried this on other planes and got the same thing. It works great in FSX, But I have removed FSX in favor of P3D4.1. Can't beat it. Any Ideas. I have a ROG G751JT Notebook with 32gigs memory. It says the i7 Intel is a 2.5g with auto overclocking to 3.5g. could it be the CPU causing this. The GPU is a G-Force 970m 3g Memory. Any thoughts. John
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