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    FSX and any First person shooter and last but not least Planetside 2.
  1. Hi. sorry forgot all about this request. Right I purchased the item from Flightsim Store on the 28 May 2015 and the Order No.FSS0386440. Thank you will keep a check in case I have to redo it. Derek.
  2. Hi. I have REX soft clouds and about six updates. Is there any way we can download a fully updated Soft Clouds instead of having to go through all the updates. I'm old and I get confused. He he.
  3. Hi. thank you very much, thought I was panicking a bit. Cheer's Derek.
  4. Hi. If it helps I bought the Soft Clouds in 28-05-2015 and the REX Essentials in 13-02- 2015. thank you. Derek.
  5. Hi Every one. First post here so hope I am doing it right. I have REX Essentials + Overdrive Version Build 3.8.2014.1126 so how do I check that the software I have is up to date. All so I have bought REX Soft Clouds not long ago and when I unzip it, do I run the set up application first and will it find the its own place to install said clouds. All so in the folder was a windows installer REX clouds SP1, do I run that as well. Sorry for being a pain. really like the software, very good. Cheer's Derek.
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