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  1. I have set up the mapped network drive as you suggested. Upon trying to install again, I get the same error, cant access REXmodules. I then installed on the pc where p3d is located, it installed fine, and I can now see a folder within p3d REXmodules. Just a question, if I have REX 3D on one computer and REX Environment on another, how do they work together? Thanks so much Eric
  2. Also Active Sky for p3dv4 and cloud art is also installed on Sim-Environment "C" Drive. P3dV4.5 is installed on \\P3d\:A\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4
  3. REX 3d is on Sim-Environment. Networked to P3d v4.5 on computer P3D. I want to install REX Environment on Sim-Environment computer to work in tandem with REX 3D as you stated it works with. I read in someone elses same issue you now say REX Environment needs to be installed on the same computer as the flight simulator. This defeats the whole purpose of networking your software which you say you can do.
  4. Also what do you mean by sim address?
  5. IM not using a networked drive. I downloaded and unzipped to the download folder . Unzipped there, and got the error. I then tried to unzip to desktop. Installed still get same error. I then tried again to download to download folder, unzipped, then cut and pasted files onto a USB 3.0 external hard drive on same computer, and ran and got same error. 3x different locations all same result
  6. Win 10, Virus scan disabled, downloaded REX Environment. Unzipped folder, ran installer, get error Could not access network location \REXmodules
  7. Ive just had to reinstall REX 4 with 5th update and soft clouds sp2. Build 4.2.2015.0810 selecting the soft clouds desktop icon and build 4.7.2015.0818 with the REX4 TD SC.When I run the R4sc I get a boolean error upon installing the textures saying it cant find the texture bmp. When I run the REX Soft could icon select a texture it stops working all together. Why are there 2 icons on desktop, which one can be deleted, and why am I getting this error now. Didn't have it before, I have redownloaded all files from PC Aviator
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