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  1. Dear Sirs,


    Just downloaded from FlightSim Store Order 351236t he REX Soft Clouds a couple of times in order to get the new version (Integration in REX 4 Texture Direct Enhanced version) already installed in Prepar3Dv4.


    But the only RexSoftClouds I get with the downloaded file is "rexsc_sp3_hotfix5_20170714" from the shop!!!!!


    So, something is wrong...

    I cannot download the original program "Soft Clouds" nor the Integration now....


    Please be so kind to help..


    See attached 3xFiles,




    Jose Carlos de Almeida Semedo

    Received Order.xps

    SoftClouds Data.xps


  2. Dear Sirs,

    I acquired from FlightSim store today your brand new Worldwide Airports HD.

    1. I have been using your "REXEssentialPlusODSP3" recently acquired from the same store, with success.

    2. After installing the said Worldwide Airports HD, BOTH products became a huge mess!!

    3.I uninstalled "Worldwide Airports HD" until you solve the constant crashes it is causing everyware.

    4. NOW, my main concern is that "REXEssentialPlusODSP3" is not working anymore too!!!

    5. I cannot access the "download center" inside the interface anymore...

    6. When I try to inject weather it freezes, the interface causes the FSX to go into a black screen and the two attached image files are what shows.

    7. Furthermore I uninstalled the "REXEssentialPlusODSP3" & installed it again and the same issue occurs.

    8. So, summarizing: Your two recently acquired products are not working anymore!!!!

    9. I understand, about the "Worldwide Airports HD", that initially is "normal" to happen several issues.

    10. BUTT, is more upsetting now, that the "REXEssentialPlusODSP3" is not injecting weather anymore.

    11. I am not an experienced person dealing with errors in PC's, so, I do not even try to do anything more than what I explained above.

    12.About "Worldwide Airports HD", is a mess...

    I use severall ORBX products & do not understand if they are causing issues.


    Best regards.


    Jose Carlos de Almeida Semedo







  3. Dear Sirs, In order to get access to your support here follows the required info: FLIGHTSIMSTORE: REX 4 Texture Direct Order Number: FSS0286177 Jose Carlos de Almeida Semedo Portugal
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