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  1. Hello Federico, I would need some time to test your theory because I removed both apps (SF3D and EF) a while ago and due to our little baby girl, I kind of have limited time for my flying hobby (not to mention less time for debugging....). Maybe @jetbluefan or @jwcruz825 could jump in meanwhile.
  2. Sure! Thank you for interest! The situation is the same as for the OP: just fly with your ACFT into a red WX zone! The OP showed some screenshots of those dark areas. I think those are the same you can see on my 2nd video (almost to the end). The video shows you some very wild colors changing with the FoV (BUT JUST INSIDE A BIG RED WX AREA). That video was shot without ANY shader mods but with ASP4 in use so it was quickly "classified" as a weather engine issue....
  3. @jwcruz825 well...I advise you to remove your shaders, rebuild the original ones and fly again in a red area and post some shots or videos. a) If the anomaly is gone then it might be the way REX5 products work (or don't work) b) If it's still there. then I will be eagerly awaiting REX comment.... PS: I do understand that you did not encountered any of these annomalies prior to SF3D. Trust me, I do! But these guys at REX know you use shader mods and therefor will always blame your mods for visual annomalies. Unfortunately it's a fact that many users do indeed aply layers over layers of shaders which many times ended in corrupted visuals. PS2: I wonder if @fs1 or @REX Support 2 could do us a favor and post videos about flying in a / through a red area themselfes.... I mean...this would be the ultimate proofe that there's an issue on yours / our end.
  4. @jwcruz825 Look at video 2 for your reference. At that time it was a Active Sky issue, now it's a P3D issue...no comment........
  5. This is not related to EF! You forgot to turn off "Full screen optimisations" within the compatibility options (right click on P3D icon).
  6. Dear Reed, I'm aware of that but ALL other parameters also change based to weather conditions. Now from all the other parameters, only these two change their status. Why?
  7. That has reduced it but I still have it happen from time to time especially when looking at instroments e.g. Overhead or Radio stack in A320 and so...
  8. This is not related to EF! I also have this but uninstalled EF some days ago. It does not happen that often, only randomly. Have latest W10 (1903) and just got latest nVidia drivers... . Since P3D v4.5 everything seems to fall apart.
  9. Hello REX, this topic should not be marked as answered because it is not! The fact that IMHO the brightness does return to normal after longer periods of time, is not how the product should perform. The normalization shold happen quickly as it does when it gets brighter.
  10. UPDATE: It seams that the brightness does return in time but takes about a minute or two. It is hard to tell how long (got standard eyes you know).
  11. I already tried Adaptation scalar as it was mentioned in other threads aswell. While reducing the value from 3.000 to 2.000, the effect is gone BUT it is gone completely meaning that the pupil effect is getting supressed - we (or better say I) do not want that! I would like the brightness values to return to "normal" when I swith from OVH back to pilot's view. This works great with standard P3D... Time Delta had no visible effect on my machine. PS: In the NGX I get the same results as in the FSL. I don't own the ACFT's mentioned by @SaenchaySor so can't test that behaviour.
  12. I promissed some pictures but provided a video instead (unfortunately today is a little more cloudy and that sepia effectz is not to be seen).
  13. *Update to above post* Been looking at the GUI more closely: ~10min into the sim the "Scene lighting" alway changes from Running to Waiting ~ 25min into the sim the "Watter control" always changes from Running to Waiting All other options remain constantly on Running. My aircraft sits on the ground about 45Min (time for all the preparations ATSU/Catering/Fueling/Boarding/... ). ASP4 is set to inject weather every 10 min (so I get new readings 4 times on the ground) and it is often the case that something like QNH, Wind, Temperature does change within this time. During all this ground time neither Light no Watter will switch back to Running after they switch to Waiting (so lights will stay at least 30min on Waiting and watter at least 20min). My flight routes do not exceed 2h (I do have a life ) and during this time both Light and Watter will eventually switch back to Running (can't tell exactly when). To conclude: If I have to trust those Status displays, I would say that EF has an issue (because IMHO all variables, especially the Lights, would have to change constantly...).
  14. Hello guys, the brightnes change while panning in the VC was mentioned in some threads, but was marked as answered or fixed. I don't think EF works correctly on this. Following scenario: I started yesterday a flight at sunset in EDDM. After the flight has loaded there was a beautiful brown/orange "sepia"-effect in the VC and outside. I immediatly changed to an outside view and saw the sun behind the aircraft half "sunk into the ground". Everything had that orange look....absolutely brilliant! I went back into the VC and switched to Overhead. Since the OVH was darker, you could observe that beautiful "pupil effect" where the image startet to brighten up a little. Verry smooth transition, also beautiful. Now the issue: switching back to the first view (let's call it pilot view), the image remained bright (and it did not change in the 20s I waited). I then immediatly switched to the outside view and at the beginning the image was bright then slowly started to darken. In approx 5s the image was back to that dark orange/brownish sepia effect. Back to the pilot's view - just beautiful. Panning back and forth from OVH or RAD to Pilot...nope...just way to bright (way to bright to be read as way to bright compared to what was before). Could you guys please look into this again? IMHO this kills it for me at this point. PS: Can't seem to find how to add a signature (field is missing or I'm too dumb to find it...). PS2: Later in the afternoon I will reload the flight to see if I can capture that beautiful sepia look and upload a picture.
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