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  1. It says Build Number ending .0514 When I click Update Manually it says it's updated already.
  2. I don't think so, is this a new release? I'll try to check it.
  3. Honestly I haven't noticed much improvement, I usually get clouds which are large cumulus usually at high altitudes and occasionally stratus at medium to lower altitudes, but I never get chunks of low level cumulus like it used to happen before installing the product. And it also happens in real life, so that's why I miss it to happen once in a while. I fly mostly in the Americas continent and Europe also, which is a large area to be considered, but still no luck finding the aforementioned conditions.
  4. Got this from the manual: " With OR without the REX weather engine: Step 1 – Start Sky Force and minimize. Step 2 – Start your flight simulator and fly. The 3D cloud model sync function will automatically engage during flight. " Since I've installed cloud models those low level and thin stratus clouds and/or small individual (lots of them) puffy cumulus never appeared again in my P3D. It was common to appear before using REX SkyForce and nowadays it's so repetitive to have high FL clouds with (usually) several thousand feet thickness. It happens no matter I keep the program open in background or not. I understand that since I have once installed the models they will keep there forever. But will they change automatically (program running background) even with selected options untouched? How can I have a better mix of low and high clouds, depending on the reported weather? Is this a limitation of SkyForce?
  5. Follow up: I tried uninstalling, cleaning leftovers and reinstalling, does not solve the problem. I tried also deleting some config files within the directory, but it doesn't help either. I'm stuck without being able to use the program, as I select 4096 textures but it won't install them, I suppose it's installing the 512 ones, because when I get back to that screen it's already reverted to 512 and all low resolutions.
  6. May I ask you where the software saves its configuration? An specific file? With that response I might check what it is doing, whether or not it's being saved, etc. Thanks for your assistance!
  7. 1) Win10 x64 English 2) None 3) None 4) D:\P3D (or something equivalent) 5) C:\P3D Stuff\REX4 (or something equivalent) 6) Not applicable since it's outside Windows Programs (but yes, not activated anyway) 7) Latest (downloaded yesterday) Just to complement the response, the previous version for P3D v3 always worked normally in this very same setup.
  8. Hello everyone, Just installed successfully the latest version of TD+SC in the same bundle. The issue is that every time I star the software it will request me to configure texture sizes and all that stuff. Even if I run it as ADMIN it will not solve the issue, not to mention that I installed it outside "Windows Programs"... I managed to install the textures into the P3D v4, but in this case I'm totally lost as to what size of textures it has actually installed, because even after I change the tab and come back, it will show default values. What's going wrong with my rig, please? Thanks.
  9. Let me ask you one thing, whenever the new version (full installer) of TD+SC comes up is the older downloader ready to get it? Or a new download will have to be downloaded? Where's the best place to get it, provided that I bought TD+SC from the REX Store? Login to my account and get it from there? History of purchased products, I mean. Thanks.
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