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    .Hi guys, I think I have found the culprit for the multiple REX.exe entries in task manager. It would seem that the process doesn’t end when I close the application. So when I open it again it adds a second REX.exe line I’m working around this by keeping REX open and only closing FSX. This keeps only one REX.exe in the processes list. While it’s not a fix, it is keeping me going for the time being. Thank you for helping me and I hope to hear from you soon. Ed
  2. Hi guys, it’s been a while since I have asked a question here on the forum but I just came across something that looks strange to me. I am currently running REX Essentials plus Overdrive and while everything seems to be running fine, I noticed in task manager under processes that REX.exe•32 is listed twice. Both appear to be consuming quite a bit of memory. While I am not experiencing any out of memory issues I am curious if this is normal. Hope you can shed some light on this. Thanks, Ed
  3. Same here. Was up and running this am,but not tonight.
  4. Just restarted REX and everything seems to be ok now. Ed
  5. I am unable to download real world weather as well. This doesn't happen often but I guess there could be a server issue. Ed
  6. No,you can close this topic. I will keep an eye on the site for the official release of service pack 4. Thanks again for the reply. Ed
  7. After some consideration,I think I will wait for the official release of service pack 4. On a positive note, I read a post that said the flashing had been resolved for that person after service pack 4 was installed so that is great news. Keep up the good work, your products are great. Ed
  8. Sorry, FSX. No, this is the first I have been on the site in a while and did'nt know a new service pack was being made available.
  9. Hello, I am currently running REX essential plus od. I currently have service pack 3 installed and while it fixed the problem I had with the radar map, I now notice as strange flashing in the sky above the aircraft whenever the weather engine is injecting weather. I can also see the reflection of this flashing in the water below if I happen to be over water at the time. I only see this if I am flying in daylight and do not see it I while flying at night. Up to now ,I just lived with it because it does'nt really hurt anything during the flight,but I thought I would run by you to see if you might know why this is happening. I tried updating video card drivers but that did not solve the issue. In fact newer drivers made the sim run pretty bad. As a background, I currently run windows 7 home premium 64 bit,have an i5 processor, and a GeForce gtx 750 ti video card. I currently have nvidia driver 350.12 installed as this runs the sim well. Thank you in advance for your reply. Ed
  10. Hello,I had the same problem that you are experiencing. The resolution to that radar screen was to download service pack 3 for REX Essential Plus Overdrive. What version are you currently running? Ed
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