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  1. Hey.

    I have bought earlier this week REX Essential Plus Overdrive ->Prepar3D license, which cost about $ 5. Yesterday I showed that my account has been debited, but it still does not work on my REX, why not? I can get the money back if the product does not work. I have been in connection with e-mail support for many times, but no one answers to your inquiries. Or should be, but that the matter be severe, can not be so severe to put it a license to operate.

    Going really believe this product.

    Look at the picture on the bottom right of the Windows clock, the photo was taken just now as I write this. Time is Finland clock time.

    Screen Shot 10-27-16 at 07.19 PM.PNG

    1. vesku_63


      I would also add a picture of your receipt

      Screen Shot 10-25-16 at 04.51 PM.PNG

  2. vesku_63

    Support Verification

    Hi. I bought 09/01/2015 REX Stores (REX Essential PLUS with Overdrive) and Order: FKSCQBKKB Is that the information given correctly.