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  1. Although my previous post was removed, this sounds good if it is true. Certainly there have been problems, but the fact that the too rosy picture is given will certainly annoy many. I'm looking forward to 2.1 update coming out. good luck.
  2. So, it seems like this sky force has been time backward , all the others have been hit very many times, but this 2.1 update will only wait for itself. Every week comes the announcement that the next announcement will come next week. regards: Vesku_63 from Finland
  3. I hope you really fix this REX realistic weather. (Skyforce). I was flying MMSD - MUVR, night flight. I use SimBrief flight data. Between MZT-IMODA REXWX started and raised my FL370-FL410. ATC asks me to the height FL370. When I get to FL370, REXWX started a new start and dropped me to FL310 and again ATC asked me to get up to FL370. This cannot be used as such. This is a really disgusting problem and you have had more than a year to fix this. This is not fun to fly with this REX SKYFORCE. Already give it 2.1 update out. I ask and I'm not the only one Sorry my bad English, i'm from Finland. Regards: Vesku_63
  4. Hey.

    I have bought earlier this week REX Essential Plus Overdrive ->Prepar3D license, which cost about $ 5. Yesterday I showed that my account has been debited, but it still does not work on my REX, why not? I can get the money back if the product does not work. I have been in connection with e-mail support for many times, but no one answers to your inquiries. Or should be, but that the matter be severe, can not be so severe to put it a license to operate.

    Going really believe this product.

    Look at the picture on the bottom right of the Windows clock, the photo was taken just now as I write this. Time is Finland clock time.

    Screen Shot 10-27-16 at 07.19 PM.PNG

    1. vesku_63


      I would also add a picture of your receipt

      Screen Shot 10-25-16 at 04.51 PM.PNG

  5. vesku_63

    Support Verification

    Hi. I bought 09/01/2015 REX Stores (REX Essential PLUS with Overdrive) and Order: FKSCQBKKB Is that the information given correctly.