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  1. And great that weather rendering for Australia is now working. It's good news. Vesku_63
  2. Thanks for the information. Hopefully the Australian data information is obtained quickly into shape. Cheers: Vesku_63
  3. Whether it is a separate hotfix or whether it is directly mounted on REX SkyForce. Vesku_63
  4. Okay, thank you for your reply, I'll look further into where I put the problem message, if any comes. Vesku_63
  5. This update also applies to a problem in Australia? When it does not start realistic weather correctly. If so good. Vesku_63
  6. Hey. @ timest999. Did you completely remove my last question, or did you put it in another place. when i can't find it in any support section? If you deleted, so thanks you. If you put it in another place, tell it to me. regards:Vesku_63
  7. Okay, that is, waiting for a new update and then everything is fine, or? Vesku_63
  8. Hey. I installed P3D.v4.5 hotfix and then I see only sun reflections in my REX Sky Force (v.5.0.2019.0410) installations. All others are gray or empty. Vesku_63
  9. Thank you REX for this. I loving this. Here are a few pictures of the little trip PAVD-PAAQ. Vesku_63
  10. @Alox: I hope so. And weather engine is terrible, still . I normally fly to Aerosoft Airbus. the weather engine will fill the new data, take a moment and during that time the wind direction may change by 180 degrees and drop the speed of the airplane so badly that when the weather engine has made adjustments and the wind direction returns, then the cab shouts stall stall ....., very funny. But waiting. Vesku_63
  11. When I look at what has during in about a over year . There's came been new, corrected many old and many times, but sky force is still open. Sorry strought. You say, but thank you for your patience, but i feel that you underestimate us sky force owners. waiting, waiting , waitng........ .Maybe next years. Why do you always say that next week a next update will come once no update, or will come, but no sky force. I'm really not going to buy any more parts that I could do for my sky force, no no, no thanks. I'm sorry to say, but feels betrayed : Vesku_63
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