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  1. Ok, I understand. But I do not realize, how I get no clouds for my p3d.v4 . If I can get the advice,how do I install them. I am satisfied. sorry my bad English, English is not my the native language. Vesku_63
  2. Do I take the pin out of the weather engine and what then ??
  3. How????, If it does not even give me clouds to the sky . I have a bad english, so explain to me how i get these new clouds to work my p3d.v4
  4. Why REX sells a product that does not work, even though promised it will work P3D.V4. What other add-on do I still have to buy ?????
  5. So i bought this new REX in vain if it did not work,
  6. I do not know, now I installed REX essential plus w / overdrive and does not work, i put to a few photos, In addition, REX essential plus will remain open in the background even if it turns it off. Must shut down separately through resource management / processes.
  7. Hi. I ask because when, I'm under the impression, that REX essential plus w/Overdrive does not work P3D.V4.1. So does it work with this new REX installation?
  8. So I install my pc REX essential plus w/ overdrive and i take it from the weather engine, thanks and sorry my bad English
  9. I do not know, I reinstalled REX. But do i also have weather engine? because the product in question does not work. REX Essential PLUS w / Overdrive is not in use. Vesku_63
  10. I am about to download a product REX manager help again, and then install it.
  11. Hey. I bought yesterday Just Flight shop for this REX product. But it refuses to start.The setup is correct and it opens, but when I use the airport and click generate, it return outset, what have I done wrong?? My PC is. Win 7 prosessional 64bit Nvidia Ge Force 1070 8gb memory 32Gb DDR4 2666 motherboard asus z170 game power 650 watt All the help needed, thank you already. Vesku_63
  12. What's a big problem that goes on for many days and REX does not work, all the time in this lock, the pictures included. Really disappointed : Vesku_63
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