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  1. Sorry, but I don't have and order no., except for the soft clouds for texture 4 which is ZBULKKASH, but I don't think that's the one your looking for, because since I posted it in the activation topic, my account still hasn't been activated. Sorry!
  2. I was trying to get soft clouds but bought the one for texture 4 but I should have bought the standalone, so could you send me that one. Thanks a lot!
  3. My order no/product key for REX essential 4 w/ OD textures (disc)... 9546887 Purchase place is unknown. Probably flightsimstore. Was an Xmas present last year! Moderator Edit: This order number cannot be located in our sales database. Please post the correct order number to become verified.
  4. Hi, During the black Friday sales I bought REX soft clouds for Texture 4 direct, which I assumed was the same as REX essential 4 + OD textures. However, I now know that it clearly is not the same! Could anyone from the REX team email me at harry.karmel@live.com . I will provide my order, and order no. then for proof of purchase Thanks a lot Harry Karmel
  5. I can't find my REX essential 4 + OD textures order no. but my soft clouds for texture 4 (when I should have bought the stand-alone) is MODERATOR EDIT: DO NOT POST SERIAL NUMBERS IN PUBLIC.
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