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  1. first of all sorry for the late response, I wasn't able to reply for a couple of days during some over-work. No the issue hasn't resolved yet. Here are the items you requested. Thank you. errorlog_20150106_215057.txt errorlog_20150106_220003.txt errorlog_20150106_220206.txt installlog.txt
  2. yes i did. Ordered it on 26/12/14. Just redownloaded REX and reinstalled it. Configured everything but still the textures don't seem to work. Weather does fine. My Anti-virus is not blocking it, checked that already
  3. Here are all the error files. errorlog_20141227_151602.txt errorlog_20141227_151613.txt errorlog_20141227_152450.txt errorlog_20141227_152545.txt errorlog_20141227_153056.txt errorlog_20141227_155526.txt
  4. Did everything that should be done or you guys told me to do. This is still not the textures what I should be getting. (see attachment). If i see all the real cockpitphoto's and i compare it to mine, It seems i still have the old fsx textures. Textures Of the runway etc. don't change either.
  5. not a problem at all. I'm very grateful for the support. So, i've changed it to default. REX is now giving me a good window. what now?
  6. Disabled the UAC and I confirm that the Rate is set to none.
  7. 1) REX build version: 3.4.2014.1126 2) Wheather mode: WX plus 3) Installed Full version 4) I have no idea 5) REX runs as admin 6)I have no idea
  8. Hello, I have installed FSX steam and have the following issue using REX essential + HD. When i press fly now, REX closes and starts my game, but when the game starts it brings me just to the menu of flightsim. When i press flynow in my menu it loads but the textures don't change, it's still the old textures from fsx. only the weather works? I have tried a fresh install, no avail. Can someone please help.
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