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  1. Thanks for the reply pete_auau. Seems odd to me to use two or more programs then as Real Environment Extreme Essential + Overdrive covers everything. I also find it installs textures pretty quick but I suppose it can depend on the computer, etc. I was beginning to think I'd been slightly misled at the point of sale but now my mind is at ease Thanks again.
  2. I have REX Real Weather Extreme Plus Overdrive. Do I need REX4 as well or does that do what RWE+O does, or does it enhance the ground better than RWE+Overdrive? Now a new product "Soft Clouds". I'm really getting confused. Is RWE+Overdrive not supposed to do everything with weather and adjust some ground textures to make it prettier?
  3. The latest build. I've got it working now. I reinstalled simconnect from the REX folder. Weird as I was using the latest version as I use FSCaptain (Which needs the latest version). Thanks for the help
  4. I've installed the software and set the program how I wanted. I then click on Fly Now on REX and the program closes and opens up FSX. Am I supposed to see a weather radar somewhere and isn't FSX supposed to change the weather to User-defined weather? I click Fly Now in FSX after setting up my flight and nothing happens. No loading of weather or any notification about it being created.
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