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  1. Hi I have the problem that the clouds with Environment Force Always Grey are. Use theautomatic mode. Whenever I go into manual mode to select the sky textures New, theclouds will be as bright as they should be, at the next start it will be gray again. I only useEnvironment Force and Sky Force and Active sky as weather machines. I figured I'd useEnvshade to do that yesterday. It also looked nice then but Environment Force createdeach time the shaders in the Local folder new struck me. Does every time I startEnvironment Force, I have to select the sky again so that the clouds are normal for oneflight. . . ? I have open under the flight inme Sky Force but only activated the one in SyncEngine to be able to see tornados. Active sky open and Environment Force. What can I do about it? greetings
  2. Okay, but if Skyforce is not opened, only environment Force and active sky can formtornadoes or not anymore?
  3. Unfortunately, I don't understand you very well. I'll use some pictures. Whether I can activate these two settings painted red at the same time or whether they collide?
  4. Hello I have a question using the automatic variant in Environment Force for me, Active Sky does the weather. REX Sky Force makes the 3d Cloud Model Structures. The In Sync Engine from Skyforce has to collide with the Enable automatic texture Sync from Environment Force or can I use both without problems? Thank you for Help
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