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  1. This is resolved. A BIG "thank you" to the REX team! Excellent support and developers.
  2. Hi Reed, Requested Information was emailed to you on 12/28. Thank you.
  3. I am searched bank statements from last year and found several PayPal instant transfers labelled "REXGAMESTUD". Please contact me for details.
  4. I have emailed and PM'd support with my personal info and other purchases. Also, supplied order numbers for support. I simply cannot find my Essentials/OD/P3D serial to activate this product. All other REX products are up and running via the download manager. Bought REX Essentials w/ OD and then P3D activated almost exactly a year ago. I have supplied my name, address and email to REX. My PM to support hasn't been opened. Please help retrieve my serial or confirm I need to buy them a second time. If I need to, at least the sale is on for a few more days. PLEASE NOTE: The PCA order is NOT valid. I can supply details to support. Thank you! Best, Mark
  5. Hi Tim, PC Aviator sent a response saying they are mailing me a DVD. This is not what I ordered and I will not be available to receive it. My request for a refund was completely ignored. Any assistance from your end would be kindly appreciated.
  6. Hi Tim, I did end up buying another REX 4 from FlightSimStore. No problems, all files present ...downloaded at 10mb/sec! It's on the system now and I'm having a blast tweaking things. Fantastic product! Thank you.
  7. I did put a ticket in to PCAviator. I have bought from them for years and do not expect a quick response. I am home for a very limited time during the Holidays and was looking forward to REX 4 today. I will buy another copy of REX 4 from FlightSimStore just to get some flight time in. Things happen, but I'm betting that FSS has valid links.
  8. Thanks for the reply: I tried again, on another PC, with and without FDLM. I also tried opening the link as a tab. It referenced a link (not sure if I should share here??), but the file is missing. Then, tried Internet Explorer and Firefox (after Chrome), both reporting the 3 MSI files are not at the link supplied by PCA. I have disabled Norton AV on my main PC and tried it on another that has AVG. Doesn't appear to be blocked at all. Just a 404 error. Keep in mind that all other CAB, INF, EXE files downloaded fast and are on my file system. All other files had the correct path. After trying different browsers, with and without 2 different download managers on 2 separate PCs, there must be something else wrong? I can send you the URL and screencaps? Do you have any way of sending me these 3 files? Thanks for your help!
  9. Hello, I just purchased REX 4 from PC Aviator. Successfully downloaded all files except the 3 .msi files. I have tried clicking, right clicking and using freedownloadmanager. All point to a bad URL. rextexture_20140520.msi SqlLocaLDB.MSI SqlLocalDB64.MSI Can you assist? Thanks.
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