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  1. Good day, in the set up for REX Texture direct, when using Active Sky Weather should Cloud/ Effects be checked or unchecked?
  2. Hi please assist I cant quite say what changed but when wanting to install I get a new window about a path error. Please see attached. I purchase this from the now closed Flight Sim Shop so cant provide a License Key. Regards Charles
  3. hello Reed, can REX Soft Clouds be used with REX 4Texture Direct in P3D V4/ I have downloaded the Hotfix 5. Do you start SC first and install textures and then TD and install or the other way round? Regards Charles
  4. Thanks for the help, appreciated! Just to clarify, I started REX Essentials, installed textures and then clicked "Cancel"; Then Soft clouds and installed and again "Cancel". Then Weather architect and set up the weather and only then "Fly now". So the the previous two were closed after installing. I think I got it right as I got into some really dark evil looking weather and became somewhat afraid!
  5. Good day, please assist with the following. 1. Should the Disable Turbulance be checked in P3D as in FSX? When opening REX Essential do you need to select the folder location for FSX and P3D seperately in the simulator folder loacation configuration manager? I have Soft clouds, REX Essential and REX Weather architect.Can they all run at the same time and if so in what sequence should they be started? Each has a "Fly Now" option so when do I initialize this? Kind regards Charles Allsop
  6. Hi many thanks for the info. I still have a lot to learn about these programmes, but will eventually get there! Regards Charles
  7. Hi is there any link between REX Weather architect and Real Environment Xtreme (REX) Essential Plus w/ OverDrive? If there is which one should be selected as the "Fly Now" option? Kind Regards Charles
  8. Good day I purchased the software as per below. If I re install will it update to the latest build? Order #477473 (Completed) Order Date: Wednesday 03 April, 2013 Products 1 x Real Environment Xtreme (REX) Essential Plus w/ OverDrive - Delivery Option: Instant Download + CD ROM by mail For technical support with this product, please contact REX Game Studios.
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