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  1. Yes, you can consider the thread fully resolved. Thanks for the help!
  2. Oh, seems that I never scrolled down enough, thanks for pointing this out.
  3. Ok, did not find a "save button", but I found a "save last state" option. I had a "-" (dash) there, changed it to a green tick mark. But still, when shutting down P3D and restarting it, values are back to "default"... Or are the values resetted to zero according to the saved state? E.g.: Saturation was on 1.060, I put it to 1.300 and then the next time I fire up P3D, it is again on 1.060... Or do I misuse the "button"? Do I have to change the values and THEN click on the "save last state" to let the green tick mark appear? Might be that I accidentially always "saved" the default values...
  4. I am aware of this. However, it does change saturation and contrast of the image and this led to the rather washed out sky not really looking blue. As soon as I put the saturation and contrast in the mini UI under "REX EF HDR" (or something like that) on a level that the washed out look disappeared, also the sky had it's nice blue colour back. All I need to figure out now is how to save the saturation and contrast setting as such as that those values are used when firing up my sim... "save state" it is according to other threads, need to find this...
  5. Ok, I did several tests yesterday with different (all kind of) sky textures from SF and it seems that it is rather a saturation and contrast setting thing in the REX mini GUI. As soon as I found a nice looking saturation and contrast setting in the REX EF HDR tab of the mini UI, the sky also looked blue enough with P3D volumetric fog enabled. Means: it was probably rather the washed out looks of the default settings that let me think there was not enough blue in the sky. Now I need to figure out how to tell REX EF automatic mode to always use the saturation and contrast setting I found to suit my setup best. Can I store this somewhere? For now, each time I fire up P3D, those two values are reverted back to default...
  6. Well, of course it is related. Yesterday, I had the lousy 7Mbit/s totally on my own (not my better half surfing online) and guess what, REX EF instantly fires up. Case closed.
  7. Thanks. I am pretty sure that it might be related to the internet connection I have. Due to a misery of my provider after moving in a new flat, I am down to a 4G mobile internet connection with max 7 Mbit/s. However, to me, this should be still by far enough fast for REX EF to fire up. Before I had 50 Mbit/s. As soon as my internet provider fixed the things I will have about 100-200Mbit/s, then I will be able to report back if this was the reason...
  8. Ok, had some time to test it. Disabling volumetric fog inside the P3D weather menue indeed makes a huge difference and the sky is blue again. But now: will this not prevent me from seeing nice fog in valleys etc. in mountaineous regions? This would be a very bad drawback...
  9. Is it really not starting (check in Task Manager) or is the startup taking ages? I ask because recently, it takes my EF about 3-4 minutes to start, reason unknown...
  10. Volumetric fog OFF means no more nice fog in valleys below mountain tops if weather is accordingly, no? This would definitively not be an option for me, volumetric fog is a huge immersion enhancer if the conditions are met. I will post a screenshot as soon as I have time, I moved last weekend, that is why I did not yet find any second to run the sim again. But thanks already for the hints...
  11. Honestly, I am not the discord or skype or teamspeak kind of simmer. As I have utterly unregular moments where I find time to fumble around at my sim it would be very hard to find a moment to talk. I prefer the classic way: via support forum here or via email ;-)
  12. Hi all, I am generally a happy user of REX EF, especially in more cloudy conditions, the sim looks extremly realistic in regard of the lighting and the general mood of the picture. However, if the weather is "better", less clouds, more sunny, I realized that the sky is always way to greyish, never really blue. Example yesterday and today in Switzerland, I get a rather grey sky but if I look outside the window, the sky I see through the clouds is bright blue. What setting can I use to adjust this? I am currently using purely the automation mode, as I do not have the time and patience to got through all those settings myself... BTW: I do not use any other shader modifier anymore. I restored the default shaders via PTA and currently only use REX EF. However, the grey sky issue is also present if I use a PTA preset. Then I use EF in combination with SkyForce, where I use the R%D Ultimate Realism preset (https://www.rdpresets.com/REX-sky-force.html) and Active Sky P3D as weather engine. According to the sky textures I select in SF, the sky should have a nice blue tone in almost any time of the day, but EF turns it into a greyish sky. Then, what I also observed: generally, the colours are little bit washed out with EF. PTA with the NZFSIM preset from Adam results in a more vibrant looking sim, more colours. I guess I can achieve the same using EF, but also when using the automation system? Thanks for any hint, Regards Chris
  13. "Full screen optimizations" it was. Thanks for the quick help, case closed.
  14. I did indeed. Strange enough, that the flickering only occurs when I use EF though. But thanks for the heads up, I might have forgotten this "trick" the last time I installed P3D (or updated it). Will see if this fixes it.
  15. Hi all, I took the plunge and got myself a copy of EF. So far, only using automation mode with a PTA preset. Looks very nice, another addition to better and more realistic flying in the sim. However, I noticed that after firing up P3Dv4.5, the screen flickers a lot. When looking around in the VC, not in the outside view. It seems to me as if EF needs to "get started", flickering mess. It seems like the whole screen turns black for a microsecond, it is not really something inside the engine that flickers (clouds, textures, reflections), rather the full screen. Then, after some minutes, it seems to get settled and the flickering gets less and less, until it is only occasional for the rest of the flight. However, it does not entirely disappear and that makes it pretty annoying. Is this something the devs are aware? Might it be related to some nVIDIA driver setting? What can I do about this? Without EF, the flickering is not there. Also it does not make a difference if I use the PTA shaders as a basis or the P3D default shaders. As soon as EF is active, the flickering occurs with extreme flickering at the beginning of the flight. I use a 1080Ti with the most current driver, running the sim on 1440p with 4xSSAA and rather high settings. In addition, I use ActiveSky as weather engine and REX SF for the cloud textures etc. No setting in the nVIDIA control panel except "prefer maximum performance", no nVIDIA Profile Inspector setting. All I use is the opaque and translucent shadow fix in the prepar3d.cfg as well as an AM setting. As a monitor, I use a DELL S2716DG with G-sync, which I disabled for P3D. Refresh rate is set on 120Hz. Thanks for any hint... Regards Chris
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