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  1. Here is mine: bought REX4 Texture Direct and Softclouds on Simmarket.de, order numbers are: 1374241 for REX4 TD and 1252194 for Softclouds. regards Chris
  2. My suggestions after using REX4 Texture Direct along with Softclouds in P3Dv3: 1. each time I start REX4 TD, I can not see which textures are currently installed in P3Dv3. There is a green triangle on the upper left corner of the selected texture, but this is always on the first texture. I suggest, that you put this green triangle (or another colour) only on the texture that is actually used in P3Dv3. It would make it easier, to improve the own texture set, as I sometimes, if I do not change the textures for some weeks, forget which one I installed... 2. Why I have to press "Cancel" each and every time after installing a texture is far beyond my understanding. For me, there is absolutely no need in the window with the question whether or not to start the sim after each and every texture installation. It would be sufficient to ask when one installs full themes only. That's basically it. The two suggestions would greatly enhance the comfort of REX4 without any big changes to be done. The first point is really extremely annoying, as it was already like that in Softclouds standalone and it simply does not make sense at all to have a green indication of which texture is selected inside the texture tool, but no indication which texture is currently installed in the sim. Regards Chris
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