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  1. Yep, I already mentioned after the release of EF EF Is really great and I love it too, but it kills the water movement completley
  2. Hi, currently in CYYZ: CYYZ 111454Z 19017KT 12SM -SHRA SCT055CB BKN070 BKN260 25/22 A2977 RMK CB3AC2CS2 VIS S 6 SLP082 DENSITY ALT 2000FT Decoded textual weather for CYYZ Wind: 190 at 17 knots Visibility: 10+ SM (9999+ m) Clouds: Scattered at 5500 feet, Broken at 7000 feet, Temperature: 25,0C Dewpoint: 22,0C Precipitation: Light rain Altimeter: 1008 mb (29,77 inches) This station includes complete surface weather information, interpolation disabled. Original metar of the stations: CYYZ 111454Z 19017KT 12SM -SHRA SCT055CB BKN070 BKN260 25/22 A2977 RMK CB3AC2CS2 VIS S 6 SLP082 DENSITY ALT 2000FT The sky is full of Clouds, but there are only a few shadows on ground?
  3. Another example: KRCR 260735Z AUTO 26008G25KT 3/4SM +TSRA 20/17 A3001 RMK AO2 LTG DSNT ALQS P0030 EF smoothing enabled: EF smoothing disabled:
  4. Hi, I am not sure how this happend. Since I use EF Smoothing with AS again, I have those strange cloud shadows. (Without Smoothing enabled, my weather changes instantly - clouds dissapear and clouds appear). P3D 4.5 HF1 + EF with smoothing enabled + AS (and SkyForce but not started) P3D 4.5 HF1 + EF with smoothing disabled + AS (and SkyForce but not started) Even here, for my taste there should be more shadow on the ground cause there are really deep clouds displayed?
  5. I already recognized that but I wasn't sure if this has something to do with my configs.
  6. Is this connected to that issue? I had this before, than nothing, and now again (after activating weather smoothing) P3D 4.5 HF1 + EF + AS + TomatoShade That's without Smoothing enabled. (Restarted everything) @fs1 I can send you everything you want but I have no PN Menu 😮
  7. Will do that (again) :D, did that already but saw no difference at all :)
  8. Hey guys, I did now 4 flights and saw, that from one time to another some clouds are dissapear and some appear. That's not really nice. I have disabled the "smooth" injection cause I am using AS for weather engine. P3D 4.5 HF1 + latest EF + AS. Any suggestion what I can do that the weather injection is a bit more smoother
  9. I re-test it again and now, no CTD anymore o.O I gues I mixed it up with another topic - the black screens with the PMDG but also this is not occuring anymore o.O EDIT: Regarding the CTD I found following out: If you change any settings in the mini UI until the sim has not loaded completely the picture (black screen until the picture comes up) the sim crashes all the time. The solution is quit easy: Wait till everything is loaded and then start adjusting
  10. I have enabled it again cause AS is injecting weather really strange. Suddenly new clouds pops up Will monitor how it works with option on again
  11. Yes, but it just make the texture a bit more unvisible, but its still there and I have no idea where the night texture comes from. I am only using REX Software for texturing
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