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  1. Good day. The other day had to do a complete computer recovery. Everything went fine expect REX essential P3D license. I attempted to RE-ACTIVATE PREPAR3D ACCESS WITHIN REX ESSENTIALS via your web page but it tell me The information you supplied could not be verfied. Please try again! I followed the restore instruction provide above but the same thing no P3D license activated I have been using REX Essential since 2014 with no problem I have spent days reviewing your site and had already performed restore but I did it again with same results. Thank you for your response Email: Fredjim@comcast.net User name: Fredflight 1. Order id: #143169 PC Aviator
  2. The other day I had to redo my computer and one of the item I had to reinstall was REX Essential Plus with Overdrive PCA 143169 but now it’s asking me for a P3D certification Which I purchased certification back in 2014 it just says contact REX Customer support
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