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  1. Ah! thanks for this info - how did you figure that out? Did I miss it in the manual? I'd never have found it otherwise, it can't be more than a couple of pixels wide and is practically invisible on my screen. Got it now though. I'd figured out about resizing the panel, and there is a little "F" button (at least I think that's what it says <grin>) in the top left corner that cycles between three different text sizes but I personally could do with another even large font option. Not that my eyesight is bad, but on a 4k monitor even the large size is a bit of a squint. Much appreciate the response, thank you!
  2. I've read through the manual several times, and I still seem to be missing this. My understanding is that the mini-UI just appears at sim startup time as long as I've previously started EF (that's what seems to happen, anyway). The manual also states "It’s important to note that the Mini UI can be scrolled, re-sized and hidden for convenience inside the simulator", but this is what's puzzling me. I can hide it, via the little symbol (which I can barely see on my 4k monitor) in the top right hand corner of the UI, but I can't see any way of getting it back again after that. No amount of right clicking, searching the system tray or any of the P3D menu options seem to give me this capability. Am I doing something stoopid here? (Oh, and I found the option to change the font size on the mini-UI but if you could possibly consider a couple more larger sizes being available in any future upgrade that'd be great. Even the largest of the three current ones is a bit of a stretch at 4k) cheers, Andy
  3. Hi Reed, sorry to say I never did get things resolved, and for now I'm using ASCA for clouds and REX for everything else. When everything has settled down and I've got all my other little bits and pieces all sorted in P3Dv4 I'll probably come back and try and resolve this, as I was always more than happy with all the REX cloud textures in the past and I'm certainly seeing other folks screenshots on the ORBX forum where they are apparently not getting the same sort of clouds I seem to be unable to avoid. So I'm resolved in that I've got a sky I'm happy to fly in, but I haven't figured out what's going on with my REX setup and at the moment I don't have the time or brain cells to figure it out (big project in RL). But thanks for getting back to check this out - appreciated! cheers, Andy
  4. I was fairly certain that I didn't have any PTA stuff active at the time, but I'm willing to accept that in all the messing around it might be possible that I let something get by me. My PTA settings are quite minimal though anyway (mostly just sharpen and colour tint). My real question, and it is only a question - I'm very pleased to have my TD/SC back and available for v4 so don't take any of this as criticism, was, in effect, "is this what I should expect to see?" after the upgrade. Even if I had left my PTA settings in place, they would have been the same settings I was using previously and I wasn't getting this popcorn effect before. I have changed nothing, just installed the TD/SC EE upgrade. The most confusing thing is that what I am getting in the sim looks nothing like the examples used to illustrate the cloud sets chosen. Especially as this is not even in P3DV4, but just using TD/SC Enhanced Edition in P3DV3 as I have been doing for a couple of years now, very happily. I will continue to experiment, but meantime, if it's apparent that I'm doing something stupid then I'm happy to be told what to do to correct that. It has been known <grin> (likewise, if I've misunderstood anything about the mechanisms of these texture sets in general, I'm open to correction)
  5. Hi AB, no AS in any form, or PTA or other shader mods, in those shots, just REX and vanilla P3D. I did go back and turn on PTA to reduce the popcorn effect but still feels like a bit of a backward step to the pre-enhanced version. I'll continue to experiment though.
  6. Hi, I accept that TD is not a weather product, and understand your comment about shaders. But my point/question is that before the update, with everything else being set up in exactly the same way, I was getting much more realistic results from the previous version of TD/SC and now I seem to have rather unpleasant popcorn clouds. Plus, as I said, what I get in my sim looks nothing like the example TD shows me when I select a cloud-set. So my original question remains, that is to say do these screens show what you would expect me to see?
  7. I have just last week installed my TD/SC Enhanced Edition upgrade. I posted a query/thank you about the files installed and so I'm happy that all the correct files got installed on to my system successfully, but I have been trying various options and in just about all cases it feels like something may be wrong with my install. I have included some pictures of various weather settings, supposedly using cloud sets 15 and 31. The clouds I'm getting, or at least the Cumulus clouds, are firstly nothing like the images I see in the TD application when I select the respective cloud sets, and secondly, to my eyes look pretty awful and much more like the bad old default FSX/P3D clouds. Certainly not up to the quality I had from TD/SC prior to the upgrade. Is it possible that I am getting incorrect textures loaded? Should I try uninstall/reinstall of the entire TD/SC environment? These shots are all P3Dv3, no weather app running, and using a variety of either standard P3D or ORBX weather settings ("Cold Fronts", "Fair Weather" etc). And lastly, if these shots do truly represent the new Cumulus files that came with the enhanced edition, is there any way I can install TD/SC to P3Dv4 without these new Cumulus textures (i.e. with my old texture set)? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi, just did my upgrade to the latest version (SP7 20170818) via the upgrade mechanism in my existing TD with SC. All apparently gone ok, but I have two questions - 1) the banner here on the site says the Enhanced Edition is a 2gb update, but the files downloaded and extracted via the installer only amount to 1.17gb. Is this simply a compressed vs uncompressed thing? (i.e. the Cabs contain 2gb when uncompressed) 2) after the install, the "modified" time and date stamp on my Textures folder in my main TD directory is still showing an earlier date (16/08/2015 in my case), and the only sub-directories that have been affected by the upgrade are \Textures\Clouds\Cumulus (42 sub dirs, 3.69gb total) and \Textures\Sun (11 subdirs, 74.8mb total). Just wanted to check that this is what I should expect. And a big thank you! I appreciate the free upgrade and free support for P3Dv4. Haven't run it up in v4 yet but a quick first flight with all the defaults (sets '01' throughout) in v3 and it all looks mighty fine. Looking forward to getting things going in v4 - been missing my REX. cheers, Andy
  9. Hi Reed, thanks for your reply.Don't take what I'm about to say the wrong way - I fully understand the complexities of trying to deal with the random insanity that is Microsoft's coding and also accept that AV software is often worse than what it protects from. But I do feel that if the experience I had is as common as it seems to be (from the forum posts), then either something is not quite right about the product's installation procedures or the steps I had to take need to be fully documented as part of that installation procedure. Like I said, I've not experienced anything like this with any other software, and I can't imagine that your product is so much more invasive than anything else - in fact I'd be worried if I thought it was. My system is set up to all the generally accepted recommended advice (UAC turned off, full admin rights to the user account, nothing flight sim related installed in either of the standard "program files" directories etc) and although it is some time ago now since I installed REX and don't have any specific memories regarding it I don't recall there being any problems during the actual installation. There is another aspect to this problem, one that I feel could have helped identify the presence of a problem much earlier. When the product (Texture Direct) starts up initially and you are presented the "Configuration Settings" panel, there is no "save settings" type option. I realise now (having taken the steps mentioned re the directories) that this is not necessary as once the settings are SUCCESSFULLY accepted, the screen does not re-appear at startup. However, as my installation was NOT apparently working properly, although I could set these values and go on to install individual textures into my sim successfully, every time I closed and later re-opened the product I got the same "configuration settings" panel again. I had just assumed that this was how the product worked - you had to enter this data every time on startup. There is nothing in the documentation that says that this information only needs to be entered once, and the panel/screen itself gives no acknowledgement that the settings have been accepted. I would respectfully suggest that you consider changing either the documentation or the panel behaviour to amend this. Like I said, please accept this all as feedback rather than moaning. I've had over 40 years of IT (professionally and privately) and I fully accept that you can't anticipate everything and even the most rigorous testing can't catch everything. And that's in a sane environment, not the weirdness that is the MS world. And just to re-iterate, the product is great, and now I've got it working properly I shall enjoy its contribution to my own little simulated world enormously. I looked at Flight Simming at various times over the years but never got excited about it till lately - wire frame graphics don't do it for me. But nowadays, with the hardware capabilities and products like P3D, Orbx, your own stuff and ASN, it really does allow a pretty stunning rendition, Thanks again, Andy (any way to get an updated full version direct? My vendor wants to charge me for a download as it's over a year since the original. Not desperate, just thought I'd ask)
  10. OK, went back and had another dig through the forum and found out a bit more. Have now given all users on the system full control access to the various REX directories, and turned off "read-only" attribute on those directories and all seems ok now. But, i have to say - wtf? I have not had to mess about like this with any other products in my fairly complex environment. The end results with REX may be pretty impressive, but I've not been impressed with the documentation or the setup processes. Still, at least when I have to do the inevitable re-install at some point in the future I'll know what to do next time. This can be considered closed now. Andy
  11. Hi, although I bought and installed REX4 Texture Direct and Soft Clouds a good time ago, for various reasons I have only just got around to using the products and am suffering from some basic confusion and a specific problem. I am running version 4.7.2015.1006 on Win7Pro64, primarily with P3D 2.5 (FSX/SE is installed but not used). I seem to be able to install individual textures/effects into P3D ok, but I can't create, or to be more precise SAVE, themes. If I create a theme from scratch, or take a community theme and modify it, when I try to save I get the attached error message. I looked around the forum and found a similar topic posted by someone a while back and the advice there seemed to imply uninstalling/reinstalling not just the REX products but endless lists of other (probably shared) items like .net etc which I'm not keen on doing without strong convincing. I have had to apply about four SPs since the basic install, and Soft Clouds was bought on release as a separate product, so I can see that possibly a fresh install with the latest complete integrated package might be a good thing (assuming I can download such a copy?). The errmsg seems to imply I haven't entered an email address and profile name, but I have. And that's where the "confusion" bit comes in. Do the "configuration settings & optimization" panel settings have to configured every time I open REX? Are these settings only for the "current" session? It looks so, and I assumed that was one of the reasons to use themes, as I wouldn't have to set everything up every time. There doesn't seem top be any kind of "save settings" function on this screen. Thanks, Andy
  12. Hi, not sure if this is the right place to do this but the forum seems to be the way to contact REX so here goes. Is it possible to either be sent (email) or given a link to a copy of the "setup.exe" for REX4 Texture Direct. While downloading the SP3 package my finger got a bit twitchy and I managed to accept an overwrite request when the SP3 setup.exe came down into the same dir as the main product. I know I can download the entire product again but it seems a bit excessive just to get the setup file and I'd like to have it as I've no doubt I'll need to reinstall FSX again at some point and so will need to unload/reinstall REX when that happens. Also, just a suggestion, maybe have different names for the different setup files (SP1setup.exe, SP2setup.exe etc)? The would eliminate the possibilty of such accidental overwrites. Thanks Andy
  13. Hi Galen, just realised that your comment about the Installer dialog box is referring to the error installing the SP1 patch supplied with my REX download. That Service Pack wouldn't install. The main product itself installed fine, as did the Service Pack 2 I downloaded from the site. Andy
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