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  1. RancidViper

    REX Sky Force 3D

    Hope things are going well with SkyForce with the new feature being added.. This will be the final cherry on top for me when I finally see SkyForce 3D available for purchase!
  2. RancidViper

    Support Verification

    Been on here for awhile but never got round to this. Order numbers in my sig. Cheers
  3. RancidViper

    REX Sky Force 3D

    Well if you showed your 6 year old a video of disneyland and then took more than one year to get there, you better be prepared for many "are we there yet" questions...
  4. RancidViper

    REX Sky Force 3D

    +1 to what Sethos said. If you guys are close to release, at least give us some screenshots! Anything!!
  5. RancidViper

    REX Sky Force 3D

    Seriously how long are you guys going to hold out on us?
  6. RancidViper

    REX Sky Force 3D

    hmmmmm I hope you guys at least give us something to chew on over the weekend. *hint hint*
  7. RancidViper

    REX Sky Force 3D

    Oi Mate! Been watching this video on repeat for the last 11 months! Haha! Gimmie mooooreee!! Edit : You almost gave me a heart attack when I saw the topic!
  8. RancidViper

    REX Sky Force 3D

    You guys really know how to be ambigious and vague..
  9. RancidViper

    REX Sky Force 3D

    Yeah mate I've just seen that too. Also we have seen that Lockheed Martin have updated the Prepar3d website with a dark colour theme similar to the v4 logo leak we saw awhile back. So I'm assuming REX are waiting for the v4 release as this might be one thing that has delayed the product release, maybe v4 has allowed them to really expand the product. But since they are all under NDA, all we can do is speculate and hope. Pretty sure the devs under NDA are having a good old laugh about all the drama going on in the flight sim forums of late. Wish I could get myself cryogenically frozen until Sky Force is released! Haha!
  10. RancidViper

    REX Sky Force 3D

    Here we go again.. Keep teasing us with how amazing it's going to be but here we are just waiting for any kind of information.. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait, but surely you can give us a rough estimate on how long that wait could be? A month? 3 or 6 months? A year?? At least we'll know!
  11. RancidViper


    I am excited even at the idea of a progress update. That's how badly I want this product haha! Thanks for your reply and keep up awesome work! Cheers!
  12. RancidViper


    With all due respect to what you guys are doing, I think at least some kind of information would be good for the community. I am a web developer as well so I know what it's like trying to work to deadlines while adding new features and trying to get it perfect! But we have been waiting patiently since June last year but it has become pretty stagnant now so as users and potential customers it's getting hard for people to decide where to put their money. Flight simming is an expensive hobby, I personally could afford to get ACSA and Envtex just as a temporary solution so I did, but not many can. And just going purely by the video released last year, Sky Force in that early stage was already miles ahead of anything on the market. It's kind of like leaving a pie on the windowsill but having a fly screen across the window. I understand the need to keep big features off the radar for competitive reasons, but as a long time simmer and REX fan, I know the competition won't even come close. So please guys, do consider that whenever we ask for an update on this, it's not that we want you guys to compromise your standards to please a few impatient folk like us, just a passionate community that sees a hands down winner product in your hands that we'd all pounce on as soon as it's released! Maybe if it's possible to break up some of the features so release in a later hotfix or something? Because like I said before, that video released last year is still better than my current set up of AS16, ASCA, Envtex with PTA. Would personally even take a buggy product with your beautiful textures over ASCA any day! All the best to you guys and hope to hear some good news soon! Or even at least some screenshots? Cheers!