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  1. Is there supposed to be a flash on the screen when weather injection has completed message appears? So i am seeing clouds FINALLY start to appear slowly which is great. But i do get this screen flash (only one) when generation completes. Then the clouds slowly form. Using EF SF3D and SF3D weather engine. EF is on Auto. Regards Mike
  2. Disregard it works now i had to restart PC
  3. Just bought TD last night and started to install it just now and i get invalid serial number How can i fix this please? Regards Mike
  4. I am running EF and SF3D and i have the green bar on to show me when weather is being created. But instead of it smoothing/blending in it just pops when it says weather generation completed. EF is on auto and all options ticked. This NOT the way it is supposed to go. Main reason i bought it is for weather smoothing. And its not doing it Regards Mike
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