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  1. Hi Vasily, I've not been a forum member for long and so just reading through some of the posts. Perhaps, due to the time since you last posted here, you have figured out many other tweaks with the Nvidia Inspector software. Regarding setting frame rates for FSX, I've always been advised to set FPS limits using external software (such as Nvidia) & it has always worked for me. My preferred method is to first set the frame rate within FSX settings to unlimited (bear in mind that by making any changes using the FSX settings it will automatically change your FSX CFG file back to it's default); Next open Nvidia software. Before clicking on the 'spanner' icon, scroll down to the bottom area of the page & you'll see that you can set your FPS to your preferred rate. Select FPS rate & save. I initially set mine to 30fps but was able to increase to 40+fps. It's trial and error depending on individual rigs. Click on the spanner icon and select the MS FSX game and proceed as usual. If you find 30fps ok, then repeat & try gradually increasing frame rates by 2 or 3 at a time until you find the best for your system. You can always reduce the FPS back if you need to. Avoid making too many changes in one go. If I do make changes to the Nvidia antialaising or other settings, I first either take a screen shot of my current settings, or take a photo with my cell phone so that I can revert back if not happy with the new setting. And I only change one setting at a time. As I say, it's works for me and so I hope that this information is useful (albeit late). Happy flying! Regards
  2. Looks fantastic! Thanks again. Looks like my Xmas present has been sorted for this year Cheers, Steve
  3. Hi everyone, I have to fully agree with Michael's original post. I purchased & installed Rex4+HD recently & the textures are amazing! The software downloaded & installed perfectly even though I lost internet connectivity half way through the download (nothing to do do with the REX software at all, but all due to external internet providers issues). The install simply paused & allowed me to continue once that my IP issue was resolved. Amazing. I'm blown away by the texture options, the simplicity of choosing & saving themes themes, & the sheer image quality. Absolutely brilliant work. Now, if I can find a ground texture software anything near to Rex4 quality I'll be in FSX heaven. Thanks Michael for your original post, and to the Rex4 team for your fantastic work. Steve (aka Dog-Pilot)
  4. Hi. Product is Rex4; purchased from FSpilotshop.com & order number 593848 Thanks
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