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  1. OK, I see that you guys no longer sell REX Essentials + Overdrive on your store site! Can we still expect a service pack update for this product?
  2. Ok, I've been waiting almost two years now for service pack 4 for Essentials Plus Overdrive, so another year or two is no big deal! All I want is an HONEST answer to my question, and so far, all the answers to my question have been vague! All you hear now is SkyForce this and SkyForce that! That great that REX is coming out with the Program. But my question is this, and has been for the last year, "IS Essentials Plus Overdrive END OF LIFE SOFTWARE??? Meaning once SkyForce comes online, Essentials Plus Overdrive is DEAD." And NO service pack will be provided!!!! And if that the case, then cool, I can live with it, just give it to us straight!!!!! AS I said two years ago, REX seem to treat EPO as the RED HEADED STEPCHILD of their Software!!! Looking forward to SkyForce!
  3. Per your product update page, it states that REX Essential Plus OD is on hold. Will we see an update this year, or sometime in 2018? Are will you guys make it an EOL program?
  4. Support Verification

    REX Soft Clouds, Order #154306, PC Aviator REX Latitude, Order #154306, PC Aviator
  5. Support Verification

    Hello, Just doing what I'm required to do.:-) PC Aviator, Inc, order #154306 REX Soft Clouds (FSX+P3D) REX Latitude
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    REX FSX Order # FSS0316204, The FlightSim Store