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  1. In my experience I simply start EF before p3d as so I dont have grey issues, works fine for me 😁
  2. Luckily I dont have any issues with EF after the update so maybe an add on is clashing , maybe disable add ons one by one and see how it goes ?
  3. EF seems ok it's only when i add SF to the mix that the issue starts .....
  4. here is a 6 min video of the IFly 737 climbing up to 20K with just SF as the weather engine and nothing else, as you can see, all is good, cool clouds also.....
  5. using SF as the weather engine on its own?
  6. Also , jarek commented that the issue had been identified and would.most likely be addressed in the next patch , is this still the case ?
  7. Great, I have posted a few videos In my previous thread which shows the overspeed issues . If I use SF with Asp4 as the weather engine all is well , but as soon as I run EF and SF the overspeed returns ....
  8. If you go to the folder that contains the shaders, you will also see one called backup shaders , replace all the files in the shader folder with the back up.ones (copy and paste ) , restart p3d and all should be good .... takes minutes to do yay
  9. I think he is referring to possibly auto throttle over speed .... as have I and waiting for beta team to test on ifly 737
  10. Hi , any joy Saturday? For now to fly the ifly 737 I have asp4 and SF running together, all ok but would.prefer to use EF 😁
  11. No worries , I have double double checked with lots of checking and its defo EF that's upsetting the auto throttle.... I have also purchased the 757 from QW for p3d v4 and this jet also has the overspeed issue with EF installed .... what a nightmare , unfortunately I can not run just SF and no EF due to the weather injection problems as known with SF ....
  12. hi REX no unfortunately the major overspeed still continues on my ifly737...... as per my previously shared videos....
  13. Ok I will.load it back up and report back .....
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