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  1. Hi guys , will this update also cover the ifly 737 etc overspeed issues ? 😁
  2. wow, never knew that, honestly thought it was MS....
  3. Hi REX It's good to see Microsoft are making a comeback into our simming world. Let's face it , they started it all . So will EF and SF etc be compatible lol, if it doesn't rain it pours for developers trying to keep up with all the sim world changes !!
  4. Thanks, I have it now, never done a flight to Croatia....😁
  5. Wow , that looks good !!
  6. Looks good , what airport is this ? Add on ?
  7. Here are some shots of SF (latest update) and EF (latest version) and all.is working as should , nice and smooth and fps are steady 30 + in p3d v4.5 hotfix version . Thanks REX , loving it!! Great job 😁
  8. Yes we are waiting for a new update to be released ...
  9. There have been issues with the SF weather supplier and there is also an update due soon , hang in there I think , meanwhile , great sun shots
  10. Dude I wasnt blaming anyone, trying to help ! So keep.our eyes open for the next update yay
  11. REX have replied a few days ago saying that due to the release of EF the updates for SF will be slightly delayed .... so keep ya eyes open
  12. Not to worry , I got it at just flight and the points i had there covered the 10% discount .... so to speak lol
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