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  1. A) 1) UAC Set to never notify 2) Yes Windows Q's) 1) Windows 8.1 2) 8GB 1600mhz 3) Asus Direct CUii GeForce GTX 780ti 3gb 4) Everythings at stock 5) FSX and REX are on a 120gb ssd. Although the SSD has only 5gb left on it if that makes a difference. I also have a 2TB WD Black HDD 6) Yes 7) I don't think I've installed one . Is there a particular one i should have? 8: Windows Firewall is running 9) C:\ REX Texture Direct 10) C:\ FSX Also if it helps I'm running an i5 4670k @ stock Thanks, Tom
  2. Okay here is some screenshots of the clouds and water I'm seeing which don't look like REX at all Ah thanks. I posted some screenshots above^
  3. Hi REX Support, I can't seem to work out how to insert an image I've clicked on the "insert an image" icon on the toolbar and but the url in but it says I'm not allowed to put that photo in... And yes I am running it as administrator
  4. Thanks for replying, what am I looking for in my install log exactly? It says it copied filed from my REX folder to my fsx folder on september 19th 2014. And yes I have pointed to C:/FSX which is where my sim is... Thanks, Tom
  5. Hello Everyone, I'm having some problems with REX 4 TD in that it wont load my textures into fsx. I have installed it OUTSIDE of program files and OUTSIDE the main FSX Folder. I run it as administrator pick my textures and hit install but it when I load the sim, the textures are all default FSX. I have used REX 4 TD before and it worked amazingly but after I reinstalled it, it hasn't worked. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious! Regards, Tom
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