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  1. i already have the REX soft clouds installed on my gaming computer. if I bought this would it affect the clouds? I used to use real environment xtreme (REX) essential plus w/ overdrive but I guess that's out of service now. should I get the REX 4 now?
  2. thank you sir will do. but for now this case can be closed.
  3. WOW thank you sir. I have been busy today and did not get the chance to find this download. I have it going now. thank you so much
  4. ah ok. well the soft clouds is up to date. and REX is not saying any thing so I am good then right? and thank you for the help. after all the time I have not posted any thing here.
  5. thank you sir. I did that. but I did not see my build numbers. lol I will check again though.
  6. hell all sorry if this is in the wrong spot. I have not been here for a long time. but I was wondering if there are any service packs or updates for these 2? my REX build number is 3.7.2013.0715 and the soft clouds is build number 4.3.2016.0325 like I said I have not been here for a while and forgot what files to look for. I did see that there is a texture update for REX though.
  7. sorry about my comments in my thread yesterday. had a bad day and was as angery as a bear

  8. ok now that was from the REX store. so I can still get it some how?
  9. hey guys. I have not posted here in quite sometime. but I am wondering I have already bought REX soft clouds and had them on a flash drive that has died. I have a serial number and every thing. so I have to go through the process of try to get every thing back off my flash drive that I can remember. I just hope I don't have to buy this again
  10. yeah for sure i will do that. i have a ton of file to deal with for fsx but i just want to fly for now and don't feel like messing with every thing right now. i am enjoying a nice virtual flying day with REX.
  11. OK sorry sir i will read the manuals when i get the chane. but i am flying right now. and sorry for posting in the wrong spots i am new. i just got to this forum last night lol
  12. actully i already have 0715 so it is the latest version
  13. i looked at the download list and theres no update for this version.
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