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  1. I know it isn’t something that REX can fix, but I’m ready for LM to develop 3D clouds and get rid of the rotating 2D clouds. Even as good as the image looks above, the stratus clouds still have that 2D feel to them. I hope the next version will bring this option at least to devs to build on. I look forward to seeing what the updates will bring to the sim, though unfortunately I won’t be able to use them for the next year. I look forward to seeing the videos everyone produces.
  2. I figured it was something that LM would have to fix this. Next thing we absolutely need is cloud shadows on clouds! I know that will only come with a new PBR, which I think is rumored for V5 but nothing confirmed that I’ve seen.
  3. With this next update, is there any chance of us getting any sort of 3D Cirrus clouds? This has certainly been something in the sim that has lacked and I’m not sure if it has to do with the sim itself or not. It sucks getting up to the Cirrus level and then just seeing them disappear. Also will there be any sort of improving stratus clouds? To me, they just seem really flat in many instances. I end up putting soft clouds in manually to get a better stratus, but was hoping I wouldn’t need to with SF3D. I really hope that one day, we will see actually 3D clouds and a new lighting engine, but I know that is up to P3D to make those changes. We can only hope!
  4. REX Soft Clouds: FSPilotshop - 635976
  5. Count yourself lucky you get to see cloud formations like that. I have lived in the central plains of the US my entire life and have never seen that! That is awesome and thanks for sharing. You got some mad skills!
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