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  1. I got my downloads back to 20. I am currently downloading via Mozilla Firefox Download. The time to complete is 50 min @ approximately 1MB/s. Current status is 3.0GB/6.3GB EDIT: 26 min @ 1.2MB/s. Current status is 4.5GB/6.3GB EDIT 2: Download Complete. I installed and it worked. I got REX4 up to date.
  2. Thanks, I will look into that when I get the PM. BTW, I use Mozilla Firefox and WinRAR.
  3. I am having a problem. After I downloaded REX4 from FSPilotShop, it got corrupted for some reason. What is even worse is that my downloads left is -11 (I was wondering how it even gone past 0) meaning that it claims I downloaded 31 times (the limit is 20) when in reality, I downloaded 3 times. I use DownloadThemAll as my Download Manager (using a Download Manager is recommended according to the Installation Guide). The order number is in the signature.
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