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  1. Hi everyone, you have been right, the folks from fspilotshop answered my query today. It seemed that since they upgraded their Servers in June, they have problems with download Managers accessing the downloads. In fact downloads using download managers do not work at the moment. They resetted my download count and asked to download the file via plain browser download e.g. Firefox. First I tried Chrome which didn't work but finally Firefix did the job and I was able to download a complete and functional version of REX. Thanks everyone for your help and support, it is highly appreciated to have such a great Support community here! Christoph
  2. Thanks a lot for your quick response and advice! Sorry wasn't aware that I excluded the signature... I'll keep that in mind for next time. I did contact fspilotshop support on this issue as it still doesn't work, hope they will help me soon. Cheers
  3. Hi, since a week now, I am trying to download REX Essential w/ Overdrive from my Profile site at FSPilotshop.com. Out of the 20 available Downloads, there are only 9 left, which makes me a bit nervous as I still didn't succeed. The download always was completed, but some times, the file wasn't recognized as REX-105.zip, but download2.php. The other occasions, it was also named correctly. Nevertheless, in all cases, as soon as i tried to unzip/open the file using different zip programs (e.g. 7-zip, winrar, winzip), I received a message saying, unexpected file Format or corrupt file. The only partial success I was able to recognize was that I was able to open the zip file in WinRAR, but when I tried to extract either one single file or the whole zip package, same error message occured. I was running the download with different download Managers, e.g. FDM, FlashGet under WIN7 and also iGetter from my Mac. All without success. Is there any possibility to alternatively download a working file or am I wrong in doing something? Thanks in advance for your help! Christoph
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