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  1. Uhhm. I mean... Is this an April 1 joke? Date 4/16/2018??! 😂 Or is this an old post?
  2. I think you got it wrong. Sky force has the implemented weather engine. Environment force do "other" things.
  3. Wow. Juhuu, as we say here in Norway! Great work REX team!
  4. Hi. I would like to become a verified customer. Order number for REX softclouds at REX Store; Order: GLBGDSOGC Placed on 12/28/2014 12:24:17 I bought my REX4TD for FSX/prepar3d at FSPilotShop.com. Details below. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FSPilotShop.com REX4 Texture Direct Order Number: 581838 Date Ordered: Friday 15 August, 2014
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