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  1. Just bought from the fabulous REX Store. REX Environment Force for P3D:- Order date 07/07/19 Order Reference WTLUORHQJ Invoice Number #IN034217
  2. Over the years, I bought most of your programs, and with each, there’s improvements in development and technology, all you programmers, devs, forum support, and other experts that helped you produce brilliants sim enhancements You all go out of your way to give us so much extra help on the forums, (and often with little or no gratitude back,) So, I’d just like to say, to you all, THANK YOU for the years of great products, and fantastic support.
  3. Verification for:- Worldwide Airport HD - Order Reference ECPDQDDPB from REX Store. REX Sky Force 3D - Order Reference UPOBSQMJS from REX Store. WX Advantage Radar Order Reference RQWJZODSB from REX Store.
  4. Just verifying Softcloudes from SimMarket 1252017
  5. Hi bought REX4 Direct from The Flight Sim Store, Order Number FSS0311654. tc
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