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  1. How is fixing it? REX or TOGA?
  2. This is what TOGA folks are saying "Hello vasily, Sorry for the late answer, as you probably saw we met some important CTD issues with a few number of users and we had to put this on top of our priority list. As for REX EF, it is supposed to work properly with Envshade as it is advertised to be compatible. Envshade works as it should with REX EF which is working differently (on top of the layer we're working on). If some issues appears when using Envshade + REX EF I suspect something is conflicting. What is conflicting is the question but for now we did not have the time to investigate, we'd be happy to work with REX to find what's going wrong between both our products."
  3. Hi; thank you, all is clear now.
  4. but for some reason the version number has not changed for me after the update
  5. Hello; Thank you for actually answering my question and not telling me to re-install lol Much appreciated! From my understanding, "Enable real-time weather data read" should be turned ON while using Active Sky? Correct? As I have seen others say it should be turned off. Would you or your team members confirm this please? Thanks again, With Best Regards,
  6. Hello, Please see the attached screenshot. Why is Enable 3D cloud Morphing -Waiting and Enable cirus cloud morphing --waiting, and Scene lighting togeter with water control "waiting" Thank you,
  7. you can not find it because it is not there! lol
  8. Same here... And no 10% discount 
  9. Fixed the issue. Didnt really want to do it, but had to uninstall and reinstall REX again. All seems to be working fine now.
  10. Anyone? Please. Edit: Deleted the config, still no change. The apocalypse is coming, see the image below. LOL. 2016-6-15_13-1-52-889.bmp
  11. Ok. Thank you. Standing by....
  12. Additional Problem that has occurred after restoring the textures is the sun. The sun textures dont change and the sun looks huge. Please see the attached image. All REX textures are installed as administrator. Thank you. I have tried to delete the shaders and P3D created a new folder, but that still doesnt work. 2016-6-9_9-44-40-236.bmp 2016-6-8_23-22-54-337.bmp
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