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  1. Hi again, Sorry to have to come back to the forum on this. I posted about this on 22 May 2019 and the post is (I thought resolved), however I still have the problem. https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/51885-mini-ui-wont-disappear-and-is-dead/&tab=comments#comment-320047 In the resolution comments." You will get the validation message if you run P3D without EF running " but I have EF and P3D started, both as Administrator but the Mini UI is still showing "Your validation process failed" - it hasn't I just upgraded and validated, so what occurring guys? What am I missing here? Thanks - Nige
  2. Thanks for that info. I did try to research the forums prior to post, as I always do, but nothing came up for me or I missed it. Indeed the validation did go away after EF is running, so thanks for that.
  3. Hi, I just installed 5.0.2019.0517 Technical Update 1.1 against P3D v4.5 plus latest hotfix. I never had an issue before when running automatic mode in EF on P3D v4.4, and the mini UI was not visible as expected. However, since the update the mini UI is always present and varies between full manual listing or a verification error, and nothing I can do gets rid of it. EF itself appears to be running fine. Attached shot is top left or running P3D. Thanks Nige
  4. It's ok. Apologies. Just dug a bit further after my intial trawl and found my answer in your sticky - https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/45487-REX-4-texture-direct-enhanced-edition-upgrade/ NOTE for REX Texture Direct users with Soft Clouds combined: DO NOT use this update! An update for REX Texture Direct/Soft Clouds will be available soon. Many thanks - Nige
  5. Guys I'm confused. I already have TEXTURE DIRECT 4 HD WITH SOFT CLOUDS. What then is TD4 Enhanced Edition? There doesn't appear to be a version of Enhanced Edition coupled with Soft Clouds to upgrade to? I don't get it. Sorry. Cheers - Nige
  6. In the words of Charlie Brown.... "Good Grief !" DOH ! ID-10-T error on my behalf. Sorry to waste your time Reed. Thanks for spotting that. Regrads - Nige
  7. Hi all. Wonder if you can help please. I am running P3D v3.4 with REX TD Soft Clouds 4.8.2016.0928 but I'm uncertain the textures I'm trying to use are getting installed, plus I'm getting this Exception, although no other issues I can see. I'm guessing REX is trying to install into an FSX path for some reason but as shown, I have defined the Sim folder. I don't really see any changes around sun effects, runways etc. Anyone seen this please, or know what may be causing it? Many thanks - Nige
  8. Shame there's no definitive way to tell they installed, or what changes should be noticed. Maybe one going forward. Resolved. Thanks - Nige
  9. Now I understand. So for anyone who wants the precise directions.... Open REX Download Centre tab and you will see a Categories drop down field which is usually populated 'FREE STUFF'. If you select the drop down you will see another selection 'ORIGINAL FSX/PREPAR3D FILES'. Then use the INSTALL button for each package to overwrite any free installs. Nige
  10. Sorry Reed. I have no idea what that means? I asked how one uninstalls these freebies. Whilst I'm appreciative of the freebies I'm getting the feeling these haven't been thought through or you don't understand my issues? Apologies but am I missing something? Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  11. So there's no install log or entry anywhere to confirm? Is there anyway to tell when in the sim maybe? And it prompted me further.... how does one uninstall these? Thanks - Nige
  12. Hi Galen. Thanks. No good unfortunately. I found the install.log which hadn't been updated so re-ran a couple of the freebies. I get dialogs up to say downloading, green progress bar, and installing. The dialog then disappears with no error but nothing updated in install.log. I have made sure Iam running as Admin. However, I do see a REXMarketPlace folder has turned up with the relevant .dds files in. Do I need to move them somewhere or take some action? Sorry to be a pain. Nige
  13. Hi. Can you tell me how I verify if the REX freebies I installed are there please? I put 15cm roads, HD Jetways and Airport Parking in plus Grass textures but I can't see how I can verify this. Thanks guys. Nige
  14. Ok thanks for that guys. Look forward to the announcement then. Cheers Nige
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