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  1. I delete WX Advantage Radar in A2A C172 and did a new install and it works. I did a up date on A2A C172 and it must have messed it up. Happy Flying
  2. I have installed WX Advantage Radar on my A2A C172 and it will not work. WX Advantage Radar works on all other defaults and payware. order# reference HWFAABSKC
  3. Thanks for the info. I will work with Kaspersky Lab products and see if i could get the updates. Dan
  4. Order # HZASPDKQC Placed on 11/28/2016 Went to REX Worldwide Airport on my computer, and it told me there was a up date. Download it thru REX file transfer manager and installed Service Pack 1. My Kaspersky Anti-Virus found malware and I all most lost every thing. Did a reinstall back a few days and I am up and running. Afraid to do the up date. I did the update on WX Advantage Radar and it went OK. Dan
  5. I have installed Hotfix1c,and went in to the folder to find it has installed the full Worldwide Airports HD. How come it is telling me it is installing Hotfix1c when it is installing WA HD ????Should it installed the WA HD and then Hotfix1c? Tried it out and it works in FSX. So lets call a good learning day. Dan
  6. Just down load Worldwide Airports HD the only thing it installed is the Hotfix1c nothing else. I have restarted the computer and the same thing. Removed Hotfix1c and took the Hotfix1c file i download and put it in a temp file then ran “Run as Administrator” and the same thing it would not install Worldwide Airports HD. Not sure what to do next, need help. Order number Dan HZASPDKQC
  7. I have lost all my inland water in FSX. Went back to see what I have installed. Just some repaint. Checked REX Essential Plus Overdrive every thing looks OK. Anyone have any suggestions Dan
  8. Just bought Weather Architect, read the Manual and it has nothing in there about real weather. Can I get real weather with Weather Architect? Order# VCITAOPYT Dan
  9. Ok!!!! had them checked like the pic. show's, unchecked them set up flight and start FSX no weather closed FSX and went back to REX Rechecked them like the pic.(instructions) and set up flight and started FSX and there it was the weather Engine. I know i am getting old and forgetting thinks BUT i know i had them checked like the instructions said to. O well thanks for the in put. Dan
  10. I have been making flights like KTPA to KATL and it would tell me the weather and when I start FSX and setup KTPA TO KATL a weather Engine (box with all the wather) Like on page 68 in the instructions would generate the weather. In the last month or so the box will not come up when I start REX's and go to FSX. Where would I find "unchecked the weather engine not to auto start when you start fsx" Configration Manager, General or weather Engine
  11. Order Number: BSDPSOILR REX Store 12/31/2014
  12. I have REX Essential Plus Overdrive and have been using the Weather Engine and it was working OK. For about a month I can not get it to come up. I have read the instructions Page 65 -- 68 and I just can not get it to work. Need some help. Dan
  13. Well here it is 2/20/15 and it is not fixed. I get the same thing. Can we get a refound? Can not download it can we gat a disk sent to us? Dapper Dan
  14. I bought REX essential plus with Overdrive (order BSDPSOILR) 12/31/14 put it on with no problum. Got a BAD virus and had to do a clean sweep of my hard drive. I have try many times to down load REX Essential and Norton blocks it SN61CS98 exe part. I have put Noton on a 15 min hold and did it that way and had it installed and when it comes back on it see it and takes it off. "PAIN IN THE BUTT" Dan
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