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  1. Yes and no. No, there was no possibility to find my serialnumber, because I don't have the downloadversion. I bought the boxversion from Aerosoft. Aerosoft don't have any serialnumbers from this product if you bought the boxversion. Ask REX for it was the answer. Yes, the problem is solved. I payed the full price and not the upgrade price… But this time I bought the downloadversion from you and now I have a serialnumber. Sorry Aerosoft. However, thank You for asking me if the problem is solved. Harmut
  2. Hallo Anthony, thank you for your answer. In my account is no point "My products". I bought it on 3 DVDs from Aerosoft. The Problem is that Aerosoft don't save serialnumbers. Only if it is a downloadproduct i could find it in my Aerosoft account.. The support form Aerosoft told me that I have to ask REX for my serialnumber. Any ideas?
  3. I have REXessential +Overdrive. Now I want to by REX 4 Sky Force 3D. When I enter the serialnumber from REXessential I will get a better price. But where can I find the serialnumer from REXessential? I just have a product key. But this doesn't work. Thank's for any help. Hartmut
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