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  1. I went into AVG. FSX already had a permission, but REX didn't, so I added it, and it fixed the problem. One last question: everytime I click Fly in REX and FSX starts up, I always have to set the weather theme to REX. Is there a way to set FSX so that REX is the weather theme by default, without me having to select it everytime FSX starts? Thank you for your help timetest999! I appreciate your taking the time to help me out with this!
  2. I set the Weather mode to Standard within REX and then pressed the Fly button. The error message only popped up once at the beginning of each new flight, but that was it. I'll try and figure out how to allow REX and FSX through the AVG firewall. Thank you.
  3. Hi, I've got my FSX settings arranged as instructed in the REX manual Recommended FSX Settings (pages 9 - 11 of the manual). Nevertheless, when I run REX and then click "Fly Now", I pick my airplane and start a free flight, every few minutes, the green REX message bar appears at the top of the screen displaying the message "[REX] - Assembling real-time weather data..." After a moment, the screen goes black, and FSX displays an error message stating "The weather theme could not be loaded. Please check that this file exists and try again." When I click OK, I'm returned to the simulator where I left off, and the green REX message bar appears at the top of the screen again, this time saying "[REX] - Real-Time Weather Loaded Successfully..." I'm pretty confused at this point, so if you could help me rectify this situation, I'd appreciate it greatly! Thank you. GENERAL REX INFO 1.) What REX Build # (Located on ABOUT screen)? 3.7.2013.0715 2.) What Weather Mode (WX PLUS/STANDARD)? WX PLUS 3.) Installed Full Version or Upgraded from Previous Version? INSTALLED FULL VERSION, DOWNLOADED FROM PCPILOT.COM 4.) Confirm UAC (User Account Control) set to never notify? I HAVEN'T DONE THIS B/C IT'S NOT RECOMMENDED 5.) Confirm Run REX as Administrator? YES 6.) Confirm RATE AT WHICH WEATHER CHANGES OVER TIME in FSX/P3D is set to none? CORRECT WINDOWS SET UP QUESTIONS 1.) Which Windows Operating System? WINDOWS 8.1 2.) RAM memory size? 16GB 3.) Video card and memory size? EVGA GTX 780, 3GB 4.) Overclocking? NO 5.) Total hard drive space? 500GB 6.) Using REX in a network or not? NO 7.) Which version of Flight Simulator installed (including service packs)? FSX DELUXE EDITION, FSX ACCELERATION, SP2 8.) Internet connection active or not? YES 9.) Which antivirus software running? AVG 2014 10.) Whether or not firewall running? AVG 2014 11.) Whether or not you are utilizing FSUIPC? DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT IS 12.) Folder REX is installed? REX ESSENTIAL PLUS OVERDRIVE folder located on C: DRIVE 13.) Folder FSX/P3D installed? MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR X folder located inside MICROSOFT GAMES FOLDER
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