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  1. Hello rstough! Thank you for your reply. Ive been away for a few days so sorry about not replying sooner. So, ive fixed my problem now. What is was.....I have a disk for installation of REX which I was using and could'nt load the textures into FSX., So I decided to download it again directly from Flightsimstore (which took considerably longer to do!.. But on opening the configuration manager, I found it very different from the disc version. and it simply worked!!! Just to mention before I go...I couldnt load FSX in just the C: file. (browse option at the start). It just seems to only want to download to C:(x86) . But it works fine anyway. Thanks to you and timest999 for your help. David.
  2. Hi timest999...Thanks for your really fast reply!! OK, firstly, I am running windows7. Secondly, I have FSX deluxe edition. Im not sure how to right click the REX exe file? How do I do that? I always run as ADMIN. I dont have any antivirus right now because I have just updated my computer from 32bit to 64bit, so I thought I would load the FSX and REX first!?.. and I dont have firewall running either, and also UAC is off. Just to note when I install FSX it always seems to load to C;file(X86) ? I did however paste it to just the C: file. Is that ok to do that.? (its just that I saw a thread saying not to have either in (X86).) Im sure we'll get to the bottom of this! I have used REX successfully before and it really is a brilliant product!!! Thank you for your patience! David.
  3. Hello all. I'm sure this question has been asked many times before so apologies for this. I have loaded REX essentials plus. I already have FSX in my C:programme files (x86) In the configuration of REX I have chosen the same programme file. (x86)...But it is not loading it into FSX when I choose "Fly now". If I enable REX weather engine start up with FSX, nothing happens. If I just tick "enable REX weather engine", the weather engine screen comes up when i start "Fly now" and it says "REX weather engine initializing" but nothing happens. If I " load WX" a bar goes to 4% but it doesnt load any further. Am I going wrong somewhere! Is it maybe because both programmes are in C:(X86) perhaps? I dont know! Thank you for any help. David.
  4. sorry for delay in replying timest999. Yes It was fine when I downloaded Adobe reader. Thank you.
  5. Hello! I have REX essential plus...FSS0111361. build..3.4.2014. 1126. I cannot find the download for Overdrive. Can anyone tell me where this is please. Thank you. David.
  6. Yes!!! Got you. I understand now. I will download adobe now. Thanks for your help Gets!! David.
  7. Thank you for fast reply Gets!!! but when i try to open it with notebook it just looks gobble-de-gook!!!
  8. Hello all..Im new to the forum and need to ask a question. Simply this....where is the download for REX overdrive? I can find REX essential plus overdrive service- pack 3 for my build [1126])......but cant just find the Overdrive. (hope that's clear.!!!) REX has downloaded fine (apart from the manual..which is just a jumble of letters in Notepad!!!).... I have been following the excellent tutorial on utube "how to install REX essential plus overdrive" but when it comes to downloading the overdrive I simply cant find it !!! Can anyone help me with this please. Thank you. David
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