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  1. Hello all!! I'm not sure if i'm in the right place here..but i'll give it a go...and you can direct me otherwise!!! Im trying to find the download link for REX essential Overdrive. I can only find Overdrive service pack. Is that it?? Im trying follow the excellent utube video on How to install REX correctly...but the part on the overdrive installation is confusing me somewhat. I cant find the exact thing (he) downloads. I have successfully downloaded REX and is working...but I would like to try the overdrive. FSX order no.is FSS0111361 Thank you for any help. David'
  2. Sorry about the delayed reply Timest 999. The order number is FSS 0111361. Does this answer your question. Thank you Dave.
  3. Hello to whom this concerns!!!! I am now sorted!!! ....and of course its been my problem all along!! The replies from the Flight store were in my SPAM files..... (whatever!!) I really want to apologise for making this so difficult...but I do want to thank you (timest999) and (Adrian [flight store])?? for your fantastic help. THANKS GUYS!!! Dave.
  4. Hello Timest 999!! I hope you are well... Although its no big deal, I am a bit surprised I have had no reply from the Flightstore.... I emailed them on the 7th and twice more to confirm they are receiving my mail (even though when I send the email it says "thank you for your enquiry its important to us...blah blah blah) So they must be receiving something... They now know my new email address of course my old email address and ive also given them my order no. from the sleeve of the disc. What do you think.....should I just wait and see... Thank you my friend Dave.
  5. Thanks mate I see that now!!! I'll email them now. I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks again. David.
  6. Hello timest999!! Thanks for the reply. On the flightsimstore website there is only a no. For AUS. And I'm in the UK. There isn't an email address for them either... Sorry to be a pain!! Have you any idea what I can do. Thank you. Dave.
  7. Hello all, Im new to the REX forum so please bear with me!! I have had REX for a long time now (probably 2 years [ish]) but because of computer problems and not having had FSX installed for a long time...i want to the reinstall my copy of REX v2 back into my reinstalled FSX....(does that sound right!!!!?) Of course I have the disc and the order no....but,I not have the rest of the information..eg the order date etc!!! How do I get around this...is there a way of obtaining the rest of the info to reinstall the program..? Hope someone can help me!!! Thanks a lot.... Dave
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