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  1. Did what you suggested Uninstalled REX WW Airports Orbyx HD Buildings was uninstalled Installed Orbyx HD Buildings Installed REX WW Airports Initial flights seem to be good-Airports look right Thanks for your advice xxd09
  2. Another fact that might be of interest If I do not start my P3D 4.5(no hotfix ) without my usual startup sequence of REX Airports,SkyForce,EnvForce and Active Sky-I get extensive black areas of scenery -my Scenery is all Orbyx Even though I have now uninstalled Orbyx HD-a bit worrying If I use my usual start up sequence-all is OK Probably will have to install Orbyx HD v2 when it arrives and remove REX Airports? xxd09
  3. OK I will uninstall WWA( Orbyx Buildings already uninstalled)and the follow your instructions Thanks for prompt reply xxd09
  4. Are you getting any reports of conflicts between Orbyx Global Buildings and RexWorldwide Airports Obviously the area of conflict is Airport Scenery-Buildings I notice some already and have actually uninstalled the Orbyx product for the moment-Airport roofs are noticeably affected in my setup xxd09 PS some chatter on Avsim boards of which you are no doubt aware
  5. I have done this but no joy I had no issues with 4.5 so did not need Hotfix All 4.5 Hotfix updates now in place except for the Hotfix itself!( incl Flight1 GTN,Active Sky etc) But I got my sim back working-Flysimware models are go too Falcon 50 Thanks again xxd09
  6. All updates in place Everything works again I still cannot get P3D4.5 Hotfix to install but that is of little account-staying in P3D 4.5 for the foreseeable Thanks guys -you have done it again! xxd09
  7. Thought I would make the jump from 4.5 to 4.5 Hot fix -P3D Client only All updates in place in including MV_WX_Radar_v1.190514 All was good in 4.5 including Radar P3D 4.5 Hotfix would not load Uninstalled and back to 4.5 All now OK again except loading Radar enabled planes crashes the sim Flying without Radar enabled is OK What do I do? xxd09 PS is there a thing with WX Radar and P3D?
  8. I have my Milviz planes flying in P3Dv4.5 -full GTN 750/650 and WX Radar Not so with Flysimware Learjet -Full GTN 2x750 but no WX Radar Falcon 50 -crashes All worked in P3Dv4.4 WX Radar update to come? xxd09
  9. My problem solved with this update for my Milviz planes All now up and running with fullGTN and WX Radar xxd09
  10. I note that the Milviz forum has a version of WX v.181223 The version on REX updates is v.181220 Is this the problem-I am currently awaiting an answer from Milviz support forum xxd09
  11. I have the same setup I tried downloading the 2015 version Setup failed 0x80070666 Another version is already installed etc etc xxd09 PS Jonathan is working on same issue with me on Milviz boards PPS WX working fine in Flysimware Learjet
  12. Update With help from Jonathan at Milviz C310 and Commanche now fully equipped with GTN 750 and WX 3 Beavers (DH2,DH3 and Turbo) have GTN in place and working but though WX is in place -it is not functional Getting there! xxd09
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