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  1. Hi REX guys A thought occurred to me as I loaded my three REX products again prior to flying Rex4 Soft Clouds , Airports and finally Weather Architect-ticking Icons one after the other to install Is a Orbyx FTX Central type programme a future way ahead for REX? It would be fine to have one launch point with the Options of various programmes in one place ready to go etc-tidier xxdpo
  2. Thanks for that prompt reply I rather pessimistcally thought that Installed Textures were not retained as opening the Programme to install a new flight Default Textures were not place I should have more faith Thanks again xxd09
  3. Hi What fun I am having with this! Now if I load REX 4Direct/Soft Clouds and exit P3D starts as does Weather Architect! Weather Architect exe is the connecting file in Rex4TextDir/Soft Clouds. Removal of this connecting link means I am back to the previous situation I.e. Use one or the other program Any thoughts or is this the way to use these programmes. Ideally I would like to set up Rex4Textures/Soft Clouds-as theme-lock and load. Then go to Weather Architect -load weather and then start P3D Is this possible? xxd09
  4. Hi Thanks for that - done it! xxd09
  5. Hi All Can I have some help with how to load REX Products I have REX 4 Texture Direct ,Soft Clouds and Weather Architect as separate programmes. I can load them all but can I get them all to work at the same time? Currently I load REX 4 Texture Direct then Soft Clouds and lastly Weather Architect. I feel that loading Soft Clouds in the middle of this sequence means that I lose the selected Soft Clouds setting. I would have to exit Soft Clouds on Instal Setting to keep the selected Cloud setting which then starts the Simulator and Weather Architect has to be missed out or I exit Soft Clouds on Cancel Setting (lose selected cloud setting) and then go on to load Weather Architect Can I do things differently with the aim of keeping a Soft Cloud setting and yet using Weather Architect. xxd09
  6. Hi Galen Thanks for your reply I await Weather Direct! xxd09
  7. Hi timest999 Thanks for making that problem clear. I presume when Weather Direct becomes available the operator will switch between Live Weather(Weather Direct) and constructed Weather(Weather Architect) as required -with Soft Clouds and 4Texture Direct supplying textures-rain,snow and clouds etc Is this a correct interpretation? xxd09
  8. Hi All I currently have Weather Architect,Soft Clouds and REX 4 Texture Direct installed. Where will REX Weather Direct fit into this setup? xxd09
  9. Hi all For Verification Order Number FSS0298961 FlightSimStore Order No 298961 01/07/2014 REX-REX4 xxd09
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