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  1. Im using ActiveSky but I´ve only experienced this since I installed EF.
  2. I only use Skyforce, ActiveSky and Environment Force. Thanks I´ll have a look over in the avsim forums.
  3. Hello there, ever since I installd EF I am getting these weird squared cloud shapes. How could I fix this? Would it help to turn off the Texture sync? Also, even though the texture res settings in EF are the same as in SkyForce I am getting much bigger performance hits on overcasts since EF.
  4. If that fixes it, what exactly will the hotfix do?
  5. I´ve done all that, still having the same issues.
  6. Hey there, My VC is greyed out as well but I understand the team is looking into that at the moment. For me it seems to be related to Tomatoshade. Secondly, when I change the weather in the sim I expected to see a smooth transition of the scene/terrain lighting. However it just changes abruptly without any form of transition.
  7. Hey there, Everytime I start Environment force I have to register the product again. Is anyone else experiencing this? And how do i solve it?
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