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  1. So that applies to the invisible "Backup" button issue too? Thanks!
  2. I recently purchased REX Essential plus Overdirve from the FS Pilot Shop. It has been working fine for about two weeks now and all of a sudden I can't use the real world data anymore. It is grayed out and wont even let me click it. I tried researching, uninstalling and reinstalling it, nothing. I attatched a photo to show what Im dealing with. ALSO, As you can see in the other photo, the General tab, I have no option to backup and restore or create a user profile, which would allow me to use the nifty download center. I, once again, have researched it to no avail. When I click the "Forgot your user name and password" It takes me to a bad link that doesnt ddisplay anything. PLEASE HELP. This is such a cool product but now nothing is working. Thank you to anyone who helps. Using version 3.8.2014.1211
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