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  1. Yes, thank´s! I have find the link and performed som tests yesterday.
  2. Hi! Where can I find and download the new beta version?
  3. Sometimes Santa Claus and Jesus appears at my add-ons arpt. Mainly on arpt tarmac. Sometimes I can see them at 9500 ft, during approach. It happens only when I use LSD in combination with Vodka. When I use only LSD, I can not see Santa Claus, just Jesus but newer seeing black clouds, so far🤡 9/500
  4. Try to use PTA only for VC. I do not believe in several shader soft ware playing in same field (I am former PTA fan).
  5. Thank´s for info! I will leave fog in auto mode as it first appear when I start EF and P3D.
  6. I have pasted a piece of paper in the lower left corner so that I do not see the UI symbol. Pleas se added file.
  7. Hi, all smart PC. Plt! I use AS real time weather mode + EF auto mode + SF auto sync. How do I set the fog-mode in EF ui? Auto, manual or off? For now I use fog auto mode.
  8. Yes, I do believe on the "God of Enable the smoothing in conjunction with AS". Somehow it makes a kind of sense to use the function.
  9. A great update! Much better performance regarding the fps in P3Dv4.5 hf. Weather and cloud load as I expected.
  10. Friday + the long awaited EF update = great.
  11. Of Course as ADMIN. Of course full permission. In fact, my UI has always work (whit the "meny bar" disable).
  12. If I have the meny in P3D visible I have no UI but if I disable the meny I can use UI as usual.
  13. I have notice a huge difference in FPS when using AS weather engine instead of SF weather engine. AS+SF+EF=10 FPS. SF+EF=65 FPS. Same arpt, same weather, same clock time, same A/C and same P3D settings. I don´t know why but it is how it works in my sim. The issue seams to come with the latest AS update or P3D hot fix.
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