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  1. Thank-you very much for your response, Reed. As mentioned in my OP above, I am simply looking to replace what REX Essentials plus with the OD Pack did for my FSX, 'content-wise'. This is a big help in clarifying which product does what. Thank-you, again, MZ.
  2. I appreciate very much where you're coming from and your point. As someone who has been involved in the general hobby of flight sim since before FS2004 came out, and have had some experience over the years with the various platforms, it just came down to the complexity, cost and storage space involved in running multiple sims which forced me to essentially focus on one sim platform, and get rid of the rest. To your point exactly, ..... I tend to 'over-research' the products before I buy them, and hand pick the ones which suit my needs the best, with minimal duplications - the reason I purchased REX Essentials Plus w/OD in the first place. I am currently in the planning stages of my next build and chose P3D as my new platform for many personal reasons. I feel it will serve my needs best now and in the future, while keeping my system relatively lean.
  3. Hello, Just checking in if any feedback. Thank-you, again.
  4. Hello, I have been a REX user for over 7 years now and I am currently eyeing the jump from FSX to P3D. Back in 2011 when I purchased the first product, I chose REX Essentials Plus with the OD Texture Pack. After download, it was then choose your textures and settings ... and forget it. Everything from that day forward worked impeccably without issues. A true 'set it and forget it' program as long as FSX was launched through REX. I had ground textures for runways, grass, parking, tarmac, and roads at all airports. I had water textures and animations everywhere. I had a plentiful variety of wonderful cloud textures, sky textures, colors and sun and moon textures all day (and night). Furthermore, I had a very nice weather engine providing me with some of the most realistic weather conditions the sim world has ever seen, from the clearest blue skies to the densest fog, from the cutest cumuli to the most menacing dark thunderstorm clouds. Even today, when I post my sim pics on line, I often get asked what weather engine and textures I use. So now, I figure over the next 6 months I will make the jump to P3D, and would like to get the same REX Essentials w/OD installed there. However, I can't find this 'all in one' program anymore. Ok, so I figured with progress being what it is, perhaps the amount of textures have become overwhelming to be all included in such an 'all in one' program, so perhaps the REX developers opted to put them all into one separate program. Fair enough. Perhaps maybe two programs ? I quickly found out - REX Texture Direct 4 for the ground and water textures and REX Skyforce for all the sky and cloud textures. Simple enough, but where's the newest weather engine ? The soon to be released Weather Force must be the newest weather engine everyone's talking about. OK, simple enough - I just buy REX TD4, Skyforce and Weather Force (once it's released) , and I have essentially a greatly enhanced and updated REX E w/OD containing all the ground, water and sky textures along with the weather engine, right ? Well, actually, no. As it turns out REX TD4 has ground and sky/cloud textures but no weather engine. OK, so one then purchases REX Skyforce to get the engine, but wait ...... there's no ground and water textures in Skyforce. So now to cover the bases one has to own both REX TD4 and Skyforce and inactivate the duplicate cloud textures in REX TD4 as Skyforce is touted to have the latest cloud and sky textures. The upcoming Weather Force will apparently have a more fluid and improved weather change pattern in it's weather engine (as per info from sim conferences), which will most likely cause the engine in Skyforce to become 'the older sibling', and if one wants it, then they have to consequently inactivate it in Skyforce, and download the Weatherforce software version. As much as I like REX and it's products, I feel a bit confused by the release protocol of the various addons, which essentially forces sim folk to download several products and then inactivate the duplicates in order to cover all the bases from the standpoint of having the latest and best airport ground textures, water texures, sky/sun/moon/cloud textures, and weather engine. Would it not be easier to just break these down into several different downloadable products that would each complement one another (without duplication) and have the simmer then choose how basic or complete they want their sim to look and download the corresponding product(s) ? I love REX products and will continue to support REX down the road. I just wish the products were a bit more easier to understand, complemented each other and had no duplications between them. This way I feel even subsequent updates would be easier to put out, regardless of whether it's a revised weather engine, or water textures. (I also certainly wish REX would look into water shaders and offer some program to change the 'milky' water appearance of water for those who still use FSX.) Food for thought, anyway, from a somewhat confused, but loyal REX customer. Cheers, MZ.
  5. Hi There, Yes, I am aware, but I am asking about the Environment Architect, as advertised on the new REX website. Just found out about this brand new REX 'product-in-development' today. Cheers, MZ
  6. Two quick questions...... 1) Is REX Environment Architect going to do for water what FSWC does already ? ... or is this going to be 'better', or a totally different addon not even related to FSWC in function ? I do not have FSWC, but don't care for the default FSX water shader and want to add something to improve the look of water, especially at night. Been thinking of getting FSWC, but willing to hold off if REX will offer a similar product as I am partial to REX software. 2) Will REX Weather Direct (the new weather engine) include Environment Architect as part of it's makeup, once it's released ? Cheers, MZ
  7. Unfortunately Nick's method is a temporary solution and files will find their way back into the system, rest assured. I tried this. Solution ? 1) Go to : C:/Windows/System32/GWX 2) When you locate the file named 'GWX' - rename it to 'GWXnotnow' and hit enter. Problem solved. If you eventually decide on Windows 10, then go back and change this file name back to just 'GWX' . By renaming this GWX file, MS 'get W10 ware' loses it's ability to work in the background and goes dormant. No more CPU drain. By not deleting this file, you retain your 'free ticket' to Win10 download once any quirks, issues etc. have been ironed out by early users. MS gives you one year to download Win10 update for free. Cheers, MZ
  8. I have always used ATI cards for FSX. Very solid performers with no glitches and easily set up via catalyst control centre.
  9. With processors, the only thing that changes most of the time is the series number. A 2nd gen can run as well as a 4th gen if 'tweaked'. As FSX is CPU based, it will rely on processor speed to render good frame rates, but unfortunately, as with humans running, eventually a 'brick wall' is going to be hit, and at this point we realize that we cannot 'run any faster'. Anything over 3.2 Gig is IMHO fine to run FSX with a few config file tweaks along the way. Remember that FSX was not designed for multicore systems, and hence there is IMHO virtually nothing to be gained by running it on an I7. My advice is to save your money, look into FSX config file tweaks, and if you really want - O/C your existing processor. My processor is 3.4 to 3.8 Gig in 'turbo mode' and FSX runs as smooth as butter with scenery set near max, AI traffic at about 60 %, REX weather with 1024 clouds, boat, car, ship traffic at 5% and numerous payware HD aircraft.
  10. I have REX Essentials Plus with OD and love it. Unfortunately it is hard to spend a lot of time only hanging around airports and admiring the skies and airport ground textures - where REX definitely shines. I spent several months now looking at different scenery products which do for the default FSX scenery what REX does around airports and the skies. I am not the type to just get the first product that comes along. I have concluded that probably Ftx Global would be a good next step to help improve the bland, boring default ground textures of FSX around cities, between airports and the countryside overall. I have come across terms like mesh, landclass, hierarchy in scenery folders, etc. etc. all of which got quite confusing after a while. Lot of people say "don't mess up the scenery hierarchy in your folders" ? The addons I have besides REX are : 1) Ultimate Traffic 2,.... 2) A2A's Accu-Feel, and... 3) several airplanes from Carenado etc... I have no scenery addons whatsoever (unless you consider REX a scenery addon). I fly mostly VFR, only occasionally jets and IFR. Regarding scenery, I want to upgrade the bland, boring default FSX textures with more vibrant colors and add several small, but more highly detailed airports. I was reading some FTX Global posts yesterday and noticed some REX posters also posting in the FTX Global site so I figured my post here would surely bring answers from persons with first hand experience running both REX and FTX Global on their systems. I heard FTX Global replaces all the default FSX textures with FTX versions. I also don't want to mess anything up so badly so as to require a complete uninstall and reinstall of FSX as the only "fix". ( Been there, done that several times in the past couple years.). I also don't want to experience a 'hit' on frame rates. Some say to backup scenery folders before installing FTX Global,.. some say it's not needed and FTX installs automatically and even comes with it's own uninstaller for easy removal,.. if needed. Is there anything that has to be done with REX before installing FTX Global, as REX has grass textures around airports, some road textures, water textures etc. - potential conflict ? A few questions, as you can see, but I like to do things right the first time, therefore any input from veteran users of both products would be very much appreciated. Thank-you, in advance, MZee.
  11. Hi there ! If you have not acquired these yet , I highly recommend the Duke B60 v2 and Lancair Legacy - both by RealAir. The Duke is touted as being one of the best general aviation sim models ever produced. Also, you definitely can't go wrong with "the flying Harley Davidson" - the Staggerwing. Carenado also has a beautiful Waco biplane if you like a lot of engine noise and the wind in your hair. Happy flying ! MZee.
  12. Posting to get verified, please. REX ordered from FS PilotShop.com on May 8.2014. Order # 563201.
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