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  1. I use Auto mode, too. After shutting down P3D (and waiting for the process to end ~ 15 sec.), open EF from the icon in the system tray, switch to manual mode and close EF. The next time you run EF, it will ask if you like to tweak, just say no. 😉
  2. It's fixed in the next release, currently in alpha testing. However, it doesn't prevent the use of EF. Just switch to manual mode prior to closing EF, as a workaround. Randy
  3. It is not fixed by the latest alpha build released for testing yesterday. So, not resolved. 😒 Randy
  4. Apparently this will be addressed in the next update. It's not a big issue as long as you plan on running EF every time, but if not, EF should be switched to manual mode prior to closing. 🙁
  5. Yes. But only in Manual mode. If you shut down EF from Auto mode, the dll entry remains, as do the shaders. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next build.
  6. EF removes the shader cache, not the files installed into the ShadersHLSL by Tomatoshade. You do not need to re-apply the tomatoshade profile. But, EF can alter the appearance in the sim by manipulating the shaders dynamically, and swapping textures. And see my post above if you are using EF in auto mode. You will need to delete the Shaders folder (not ShadersHLSL!!!) if not using EF.
  7. EF checks the programdata dll.xml file on launch and will add the EnvironmentForce_x64.dll entry if not found, or if found disabled.
  8. So, upon further testing, EF will delete the Shaders folder on shutdown only if Manual Mode is in use. In Automatic mode, the Shaders folder remains on shutdown. You don't even need to start P3D to test - just start EF and then create a Shaders folder, then shutdown EF in either case. Randy Further info: it also appears that your settings don't get backed up in Auto mode, even though 'Enable Automatic Backup at Closing' is set ON.
  9. Note that a clean re-install of EF v20190625 (deleting REXModules and Documents\REX 5\REX Environment Force) does not result in Shaders being deleted on EF exit. Randy
  10. I just completed another short flight. Same issue. This time I switched to manual mode then back to auto - all options were shown as 'waiting'. But the shaders remain upon closing EF.
  11. Yes. They are only deleted (the folder is deleted) on the next launch of EF.
  12. @timest999 , I just did a couple tests and the Shaders are not getting removed when EF shuts down. The first time, I closed EF a few seconds after the p3d process ended. The second time, I waited 5+ minutes before shutting down EF. The first time I closed EF before closing Active Sky. The second time, I closed Active Sky after a minute or so. Here are some screen captures: Before starting P3D: After P3D process terminated: Task Manager: There have been no app crashes showing in Event Viewer, either. Thoughts or suggestions? Randy P.S. This is using the default F22 @ KVPS Rwy 19.
  13. Thank you for this information, @timest999 . Randy
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