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  1. I'm thinking about switching from FSX to Perpar3D and i was woundering if i have to buy another product key for REX to use it with Perpar3D. Pilot#1
  2. I figured it out. I feel very dumb now that it was that easy.
  3. I'm in the process of redesigning Centennial Airport in Colorado and i don't know how to activate the crosswind runway, and the tutorial just confused me. So if anybody would help me I'd be grateful. Blue marks the current active runways (35L/17R----35R/17L) and yellow marks the crosswind runway (10/28) that i want to get working Pilot#1
  4. PILOT#1


    Sure. Sorry if i'm bugging you.
  5. PILOT#1


    Is there a orbx addon that covers Colorado USA? That's not ftx global.
  6. PILOT#1


    Sweet that's what i thought
  7. PILOT#1


    Thanks guys. I think I'll start by getting Orbx global base pack and then maybe Orbx vector, let me know what you think. Have you had any problems with any Orbx products? Thanks again, Pilot#1
  8. PILOT#1


    Hello everyone, I'm wondering what the difference is between orbx global and orbx terrain regions? Do you have to have the base pack before you get the terrain regions? Thanks, Pilot#1
  9. I've used some of this guys tweaks and I'm really happy with them. You might want to check out this rain tweak It's free
  10. Thank you matt for your post. You mention OAA are you a Privet pilot or do you fly commercial. I'm just getting started in flight training (a couple more dollars and I'm going to buy a ground school) and wan't to fly for the airlines.
  11. Thanks for sharing Roger. Who's next
  12. It's not much, but it's comfortable and works for the time being.
  13. Hey everybody I thought I would start a topic where people can share photos of there sim cockpits, And other people can get some ideas and get some ingenuity flowing. I'll post a picture of my sim cockpit probably the first of next week (I have to take some pics). So please share and have a great weekend. Happy flying and smooth landing, Pilot#1
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