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  1. I have been running REX Essential + Overdrive Build 3.6.2013.0415 but lately has been going through the weather injection process but no actual weather is received. No winds at any altitude. The small radar screen had server error messages (sorry, failed to write them down). I figured I was probably overdue for an update so I used the REX Auto Update program. It stated my current build number and said I needed build 3.7......., which I told the program to install. A message appeared that it was unable to verify the software and to contact support through this forum. I tried loading REX from the desktop Icon and received a message to the effect "This App can't run on your PC, To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher." What are my options? I have available the product key but I'm not sure I should divulge it on an open forum. I just checked the folder where REX is installed and the REX.exe file is reporting a size of 0
  2. At 0855 EDT everything loaded up ok. Any ideas on how to update my version 2.6.... to 2.8....?
  3. Been waiting for the servers to get back to work, launched REX this morning and noted that the lengthy weather download was back, went to the About screen, noted that the Product Key had my number in it. This evening I launched REX again and noted that the weather download was missing, like over the weekend, and in the ABOUT screen my Product Key is now (again) REXNONINTERNET. Also, my version is 2.6..... and noticed that everyone else is reporting 2.8....... but I cannot figure out how to get the update. Update area is pretty much empty. So, are the servers being worked on right now? And, how can I get the 2.8 update?
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