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  1. Thanks Tim. I have the same issue. I was enjoying the new SF/EV combination, nice job on the combo. Do we have an update on the EF update?
  2. @WIRED yet another magazine that can use better sources on how an aircraft can land safely with one engine. Your st… https://t.co/hbzgxBjvUv

  3. @hulu @hulu_support When will you folks start streaming 5.1 channel audio? This is getting old. Cable boxes have be… https://t.co/gbhMmp2SBu

  4. @hulu_support @hulu I would have to say the service is getting worse and worse for Live TV.

  5. @WGNTV I commend you on carrying the broadcast live for #CommanderBauer funeral. All the other pathetic news outlet… https://t.co/lek1qvwpnk

  6. @realDonaldTrump why don't the @TheDemocrats stand up and applaud for jobs coming to America and @Toyota building a… https://t.co/soRInYMYnF

  7. @chuckwoolery Chuck I was born and raised in Illinois. I agree, Dick is idiot. A complete bafoon.

  8. @XPlaneOfficial Excellent. Can't wait for higher resolution units

  9. Of course its justified. This not the old school fiat currency. There can be no inflation or deflation. Wow @CNBC https://t.co/phUZtLIRAd

  10. @vrdigest @varjodotcom @oculus I need this for flight simulation. Send me a test kit. Lol

  11. @ProtonMail what is the best way to start importanting in contacts and Email from other email services to Protonmail?

  12. @FltSimCon Bummer should have been the great city Chicago!

  13. @onedrive It would be nice if your products didn't crash my computer every time one drive starts.

  14. @thejazzygolfer 7 days a week

  15. RT @DanScavino: "Regardless of your political affiliation, we ask you to show both YOUR PRIDE IN BEING an AMERICAN & your THANKS & APPRECIA…

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