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  1. On the rex4 user guide it says to change the max texture load in the cfg file to 4096. So I do that click save and lunch the game and it looks great. Close the game and check the cfg file and it goes back to the defualt 1024 (I think that's the number). Why can't I get this to stay at. 4096? Thanks
  2. I really like to have real weather conditions. I see in rex4 they have current airport conditions but will it keep generating real time weather for the whole United States? Or should I just use the fsx real time weather that updates every 15 min? Thanks
  3. I currently have all the dx10 settings enabled in the rex4 menu. My fsx textures are at the full amount in my config file. Should I still click on the dx10 preview mode in the fsx settings screen? Thanks
  4. I have recently just installed the Rex4 texture direct HD. In the setup menu there is flight simultaor location. I think i used c: program files 86x/microsoft games/fsx. is that correct? and right below that there was General settings where you had to check a box for the weather engine. I just used the location of the rex4 program. and when i create my theme and click the install and it tells me to click OK and FSX will launch. Now do i just select the general weather system in the FSX free flight screen? I am just not sure if i am seeing the rex4 clouds. I do see the runway markings i selected, so i know thats working okay. thanks! also I have ftx global installed. If I install ftx global vector will that make a big difference? I would then have global,vector and rex4. thanks
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