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  1. Hello, When do you think REX Worldwide Airport will be ready for P3D V4 ? I really want to try it on my new P3D v4... Thanbk you.
  2. Thank you. I think ORBX Airport affect the Custom textures. To be sure I will install first REX Worldwide Airport and than ORBX Airports.
  3. Hello, I would like to install REX Worldwide Airports HD. Will it change the Aiports installed with ORBX Products (Regional ORBX Aiports, Airports from ORBX NA Aiport & ORBX EU Aiports...) and Aerosoft Aiports ? Or will it only change the other Airports ? Thanks
  4. Thank you for your answer. A last question. I use P3D but also X-plane and one of the lack of X-Plane is Cloud and Sky texture. Do you think you will make a REX for X-Plane 10 ? If yes, whatever the price I buy it. Kind regards. Ludovic
  5. Hello, I have uninstall P3D, REX and every addon, reinstall everything and it works perfect !!! So no more problem now. I think this problem should come from P3D... 1 last question, what is the best in term of texture quality between REX4 and REX Essential + Overdrive (I have the 2 and I use REX4 in general because it's much faster and easy to configure, but don't know which have the best texture quality) ? Waiting for your answer Ludovic
  6. No, problem, I'm waiting. I'm happy to see I'm not the only one who have this issue... ;-) Ludo
  7. Hello, Here are the Screen shots that show the problem I have : The installation is perfect : Than, when I start REX I have this message : I click Ok, I choose my texture, than, after 1 or 2 minutes REX seems not to respond and I have this message : I click on "Restore the program" than REX function again and I can save my textures, and Install them on Prepar3D. (But can't access to Community) I start Prepar3D and in fact the REX Textures are installed. Than I switch off my computer and start it again. I start REX and then eveything has gone. So I have to make every Texture Resolutions again (Low Level clouds...). Than when I clic on "Cloud effect for exemple, or "Themes" REX4 Stop and I have this message... I have uninstall it and install it again 4 or 5 times but this don't seems to change anything... Waiting for your answer. Kind regards Ludovic
  8. Tim, Pete, Thank you for your answer. I have the problem with the 2 (REX Essential and REX4). But I have desinstalled the 2 and re installed only REX4 and still have the problem. I will take some print screen this afternoon...
  9. Hello, Thank you for your answer. Here are my answers : GENERAL REX QUESTIONS 1.) Confirm UAC (User Account Control) set to never notify? I don't know what this is 2.) Confirm Run REX4 as Administrator? Yes, as Admin. WINDOWS SET UP QUESTIONS 1.) Which Windows Operating System? Windows7 Pro 64 Bits 2.) RAM memory size? 32 Go 2400MHz 3.) Video card and memory size? GeForce GTX Titan Black, 6144MB GDDR5 4.) Overclocking? Yes 5.) Total hard drive space? P3D & REX DD : SSD 840 EVO 1000GB 6.) Internet connection active or not? Yes with Fiber (200 Mo/s) 7.) Which antivirus software running? No Antivirus ! (The computer is only used for P3D) 8.) Whether or not firewall running? Yes, but desactivated. 9.) Folder location of REX4? (My P3D SSD in REX Folder - F:/Rex4Textures) 10.) Folder location of FSX/P3D? F:/prepar3d V2 (A special SSD just for P3D) Thank you in advance for this information.
  10. Hello, I have REX4 and REX Essential+Overdrive. They are crashing at start'up. I have the message "REX has lost contact with our server, please contact our support". I have desinstalled REX Essential and REX4, and Reinstalled only REX4 but it still crashed. Do you have a solution or any Update that can make my REX works well ? Waiting for your answer Kind regards Ludovic
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