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  1. A lot of discutions but still no news about a date... With all this waiting, hope it will be a great great improvement. 3 Month now from my first message and 1 year and half from your first Video about Sky Force 3D and still no estimation date !!! I think you can tell us how is the developpment going, and approximately when the product will be ready for sales... This could make the wait easily... Or maybe you're waiting for P3D v.4 ?!
  2. Thank you for your replies. Hope it will be ready soon... :-)
  3. Hello, I'm actually making a Cessna Home cockpit. I'm big fan of REX products and I would like to know when Sky Force 3D will be in the Store. My cockpit will be finished between 1-2 month. I actually use REX4 & ASN for weather and I would like to buy the Sky Force 3D for my new Cockpit rather than AS2016 + ASCA. Can I have an estimating date (1 Month, 6 Month, 1 year...) ? Thank you.
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