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  1. rstough, Thank you. I started this thread with the title "I don't understand relationships," and I can't say I do yet. But I thought I had learned that installing the SkyForce cloud models supersedes the SoftClouds ones. Right? I also thought that the TD TEXTURES (e.g., runways) had nothing to do with the clouds. Right? I still don't understand what SDK does, and, with all respect, I found your last 2 sentences challenging. In any case, I am about to fly away from home IRL for a few weeks, and will return to this thread later, and work further on SDK. For now, I note that I have been simming since FS2 on an Apple IIc. When I got a PC in or about 1993, I was astounded by FS4 (colors!). When I first saw FS95 at a Radio Shack, my jaw dropped (2D panel, and you could see the knurls on the knobs!). So it's almost a quarter-century later, and the attached pic, taken this evening between Bogota and Quito, leaves me astonished. Can it get better? I'm not so sure I care -- it's all a question of perspective. Mac6737
  2. timest999: Thank you for the info. Well, in the interim, I did install SF3D. I now see that it's a big improvement. Maybe not so much in Fair Weather daytime, but sunsets, moonlight reflections, etc., are spectacular. I had read the "full recap," and also the Manual. If they answer my questions, I must be slow on the uptake -- or impatient. You said: "You have to install the Sky Force 3D cloud models. But this system is also heavily reliant on the cloud texture SDK from Sky Force for better rendering." [I wonder how to use that "quote" function.] OK, I did install them. Of course, it's kind of hard to tell the difference between 22 separate sets, but my clouds look much better than the old Soft Clouds. So am I done here? You say the system is heavily reliant on SDK. R U saying I have to do something else? Thanks again, Mac6737
  3. Maybe I could suss this all out by myself in a million years, but I thought I'd ask the experts. I upgraded from FSX to P3d v.4 in February. FSX is still on my PC. So are REX TD - Soft Clouds and REX Skyforce 3D. Both are installed in FSX. REX TD - Soft Clouds is also installed in P3D.v.4. I have downloaded the P3D.v.4 version of SkyForce 3D, but have yet to install it , and I hesitate to do so, since I really don't understand what it is supposed to improve. As it is, my sims are working quite well. -- If you install SkyForce, do settings in it override TD settings? -- Soft Clouds is a separate program on my hard drive. Is it permanently linked to TD, with no separate functions? -- Granted, I've bought SkyForce, but what will it do for me if I install it in P3D.v.4? My textures, skies and clouds now look just as good in P3D as they did in FSX. -- What is the relationship between the TD weather and cloud choices and the resident weather themes in P3D? For instance, "Heavy Thunderstorm" is a P3D (and FSX) weather theme. Does that theme simply use the TD cloud images instead of defaults? -- How can I get those big puffy cumulonimbus clouds (a/k/a "thunderheads"). I don't believe they exist in TED - Soft Clouds. I think they do in SkyForce, but, to revert to the beginning: -- What is the relationship between TD-SC and SF 3D Thanks all, Mac6737
  4. Hi, Also posting for verification . . . . June 6, 2018, FSpilotshop Order #1039602 Mac6737
  5. REX FSX Order # 553570 (from FSPilotShop, 28 MAR 14)
  6. I just registered and would like to ask a question. I find NO place in these forums to verify my purchase, as required. Please help so I can ask a question. Mac6737
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