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  1. OK, Hawk. By "a little bit further," I meant that Norton did not summarily delete the DL from my hard drive. I considered that progress. So I got as far as clicking on setup.exe. That's when the pop-up told me that access to the internet was "blocked," but that the program's "logic" required an internet connection. In other words: "You need an internet connection to run setup, but we won't let you have one. Tough darts, turkey."
  2. I did exactly what Hawkeye said. I got a little bit further, but the Norton pop-up then told me that the DL was blocked from accessing the internet -- which it requires. Of course, I guess the good news is that I have not been having any problems with either REX 4 or Soft Clouds. They're not in a combo package, but so what? Maybe I should leave the well enough alone?
  3. I have been trying to install the new combo REX4 and Soft Clouds, as per your email this morning. It said I first need SP 4. OK, so I went to REX4, clicked for updates, and it DLed SP4. No problem. But then Norton scanned it, deemed it "unsafe" and removed it. 3 times! What can I do? Mac6737
  4. Does (or can) REX4 conflict with some add-on sceneries? After I installed REX4 a few weeks ago, it seemed like every time I tried to go to a Caribbean airport, FSX crashed and closed down. So yesterday I disabled my add-on scenery file "Carib_Nord" -- and everything seemed back to normal, with FSX default scenery. I don't seem to have a problem with the other add-on sceneries I have enabled in FSX. Is this a known problem? Or is there something else wrong with Carib_Nord that has nothing to do with REX? Thanks, Mac6737 Intel i5-2500K @ 3.36 GHz AMD Radeon HD6700 8 Gigs DDRAM Windows 7 FSX Deluxe and Acceleration
  5. Yes, Galen, I'll assume you're correct, and that it does indeed do that "when you have made a backup." My point, of course, was that a self-confessed "newbie" would have no way of knowing that the CLEAR caption on the "Restore" button is subject to a major -- and unstated -- condition. To put it another way: It is flatly erroneous. As for Tim's reply: Maybe you're right. With all due respect, however, I'd be happy to email you a screen shot of the downloaded and extracted files I bought. Nothing about a manual. True, I suppose the .exe files might install the manual somewhere on my PC, but there is no .txt file telling me this, nor is there the slightest indication that the DL includes any sort of manual, or even a link to one. As I recall, one can peruse the manual on FSPilotShop -- even before purchase. But a purchaser just might not know that, especially if he/she plays with this stuff as a diversion. What we have on display here, as they said in "Cool Hand Luke," is "a failure to communicate." Also, the arrogance of the Cheez Doodle crowd. That said, REX4 is really a terrific product!
  6. Well, I didn't. When I installed REX4, I saw there was a button CLEARLY MARKED: "Restore textures to what they were before REX was installed." Silly me! I believed it. Since the manual (with its ambiguous bright red warning) was not in my download, I foolishly assumed that the legend on the button meant what it said. Don't get me wrong. I am delighted with the 16,000 textures, or whatever, in REX4. I was just curious to compare some "before and after" screen shots.
  7. First: I installed REX4 last week and am delighted with the product: great eye candy, with no discernible hit on frame rates. While I never really had any serious complaints about the FSX textures, I was persuaded to spring for REX4 (and the CDs!) by the ecstatic comments in FlightSim and the screen shots. But after searching for "FSX default textures" and reviewing the old threads on this forum, I'm still unable to understand: whether I can reclaim the FSX textures I had before REX4; and, if so, how? There are threads on this forum that refer to the "default" textures; indeed, there is a button in your settings page that is plainly marked "Restore textures to what they were before REX was installed." Really? Before REX was installed, of course, all I had was FSX textures (plus a few scenery add-ons). But clicking the restore button did not seem to take me back to the old FSX textures. And the manual suggests (but does not clearly state) that the restore button only takes you back to the textures installed immediately before the current session (which is inconsistent with the labeling of the button). Finally, a constructive suggestion: Put the manual in the download and on the CDs. As it is, I installed REX4 using only the txt file in the download, and then played around with it, using intuition and native intelligence. I found out about the manual later, and where to find it. Thanks all, Mac6737 Intel i5-2500K at 3.3GHz AMD Radeon 6700 8megs DDRAM 1 T HD Windows 7
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